Monday, December 13, 2010

Not Much of A Week In Gombak

Greetings (silent) readers...

If there's any award of the laziest person in the world to update their blog, then I would win one of them. And the winner of those who over-hardworkest person in the whole life planet to update their blogs, Muhd Syafiq would win it with hands tied at his back. He updates his blog more than his Fb statuses. Guess that he's got too many things to say, and I don't. haha... (forced laughs)

The thing that would be my subject here today is about my life since I started set my foot in the IIUM properties. I was here since last Wednesday. I stayed the night at my uncle's and waited for him to finished his works early-not-so-early in the morning and missed my chance to get the same room with Aiman. When I registered for the Mahallah (College) I was placed in Ali-A3.7.C. Thank God it is the same block as Kuyen, Ceghah and Mutaqim.


There's not much to say about this program despite the utmost disappointment. Long makes short, the facilitators in charge were suck. I'm not kind of person who would blame the upfront line for any predicament, but as I see it, they were unprofessionals, unsupportive, and unbelievably freaking uptight.

It was yesterday, when I thought that I was late, 8.30 pm when we were asked to gather at 7.45 pm. And to my surprise, they were freaking playing in the hallway without even rushing for anything, without making any mark that the program was about to start and the corner was filled with students. I do understand if they said that the V.I.P was not arrived yet, but please inform us or at least make arrangements for the program which I'm gladly to say, was sad.

I was also in the front lines before, not once, but many time and I do understand the deep water you were in, but was it really hard to enjoy the ceremony while you handling it 'cause looking at the faces, you were in distress for the whole day even we're the ones who couldn't take a bath and sleeping 2 hours a day. If you were, then I thank you for all the hardworks and sorry for making it so hard for you. Remember this though, you were the ones who gladly volunteered so you should know the risks you were about to take. Do not put it on us. Just saying.


As the one who spent the days sleeping alone in a strange room for days, I was dying to meet my roomates. Then he came out out of nowhere in the middle of the night when I was sleeping on his bed. Haha... A bad bad first impression. He's a psychology student, direct intake and I dun know his age. But he's nice and very welcoming me.

Then, this Vietnamese student, who's 19 years old and looks like Malay. He's too is very nice. This evening, he gave me a dried spicy fish fillet which looks like keropok sira but tastes differently. Vietnamese people like spicy things, I guess, and it's harder for me to consume it with this diarrhea circumstance, so I had it for like a half. Then, he came again and asked, 'Do you like it?' 'Yes, I do.' I said. 'Nah, take as many as you want!' offering a box full of those things. Hahaha.. I was astounded at his generousness. One more thing that surprised me is that he bought a refrigerator!

The other one is still not coming. From what I know, he's an IRK student and already got his diploma.


The class has not yet started, but they were a heck of a long way to go from my Mahallah. It'd be very useful to get rid of my excessive weight here.


The place has changed, the status has changed (I'm now called  an undergraduate), some of my friends has changed, some go bad, some grow good, but I'm still the way I am. Handsome, ethical, high in demand boy in the universe of IIUM.



ceLy. said...

handsome ? O_O

~aya~ said...

handsome , ethical, HIGHLY in DEMAND = niCe one!

Syafiq said...

Wahahahahhaha !!! tak pasal2 aq KENA !!! ahahahhaha

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