Monday, September 27, 2010

Trip to Sg Gabai

We're sitting on our final exam now and it is really a burden. Yeah, good things don't come easily rite? So we have to work a little harder for our future. Whatever it is, Grammar was damn hard. but if there's anything holding me back from going to Gombak, it'll be Computer. Damn I hate Computer. So complicated and I can't see how the motherboard functions could be related to my course. Because of all the stresses and disappointment, Aman, Kuyen , Asyraf and me decided to take a relaxing trip to Sg Gabai.

We started our 'saga' at 10 am and Aman drove his car, like always. It was  along journey and I finally got to sit at the front. YAAHHHOOOO!!! Kuyen couldn't stop me now. hak3..
We were hungry and Aman stopped at a restaurant just aside of the road and it was mamak's. I'm not trying to be racist here but mamak are stingy and cheap. They would put the rice for you (often too little), also the side dishes and even worse, the tissues! We sighed a little. Oh.. Forgot to mention, it is pretty expensive too. It was a regret and we wouldn't stop there again. To mamaks out there, please be considerable. Where's the words 'customer first' you always bragging about? tsskksss.

We arrived there at 11.30. We were charged Rm1 each. It was ok. Good for the villagers and the site too. Aman showed us our way to the waterfall  DAMN it was a long high way to climb. We stopped many times and  finally got to the top with our shirt wet with sweat.

  A long way ahead!!

 Feelin' the heat. DAMN!

Please stop Asyraf!!!!! jOM laaaaa....


Finally, after having our ankles twisted and urat2 berselirat, we got to the top. The only thing about this waterfall site that disappointed us was the water is not deep. It's not even up to the chest. Asyraf stayed on ground a little longer with a sad face on his. But why be sad over things that we couldn't change, right? I always go for the things that is there and fun. In this case, the waterfall.. yaahhooo!!

Asyraf was disappointed over the knee-high water


YEAH that's rite. I'm the king of the world!

We also played at a big rock that descending like a set of big, slippery,hard water sloppy slide.
Asyraf tried to climb it. It was stupid...... Ok. We all did. but I couldn't reach at the top when everybody did. huh.!
we're at the top and I was taking a short, not tiring way. haha

Kuyen fell and hurt his shoulder. padan muka. hak3

Aman was trying very hard and be the first to reach up.

Asyraf Cramped!!

Ignore the background.. huu~

Taking a break..

After all the fun at the top, we went down to experience what it got there. Hungry, I bought a pack of Twisties BBQ and enjoyed it very much. Suddenly, Kuyen throw some into the water and VOIULLAA Thousands of tiny fishes came out!! We were so excited, I took off my shirt and used it as a net. We lured the fishes with Twisties and caught it into the net. We couldn't help noticing a akak and her boyfriend looking at us with the fish. So, I handled them some of Twisties and they too were excited. Then she kept on talking to us. Sometimes she would urge her boyfriend to do the same. She also wanted some fishes. At the end of the day, we could catch only 4 of them and put them into a bottle we found somewhere.

another rest at the site

pandai kan? hak3

After we're tired, we decided to go back to Nilai, tskk.. So we prepared to dressed up and vooiulllaa I forgot to bring my shirt!!!!! I spent the journey way home with opened window and my hands reached out flagging the shirt at the back of the car. Luckily, it didn't take a long time to dry. The fishes, I left them with the Akak. 

oh yes.. before I end this post............

This pic looks fake, isn't it? how can Kuyen be so tall?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 'Best'day Fatin Izzati !!!

As mentioned in the title, today is my bestfriend's birthday. She is Fatin Izzati and the only girl who can cope and resistant towards my attitude until now. Fatin was born in Kelantan (Kg Rusila perhaps) on 26/9/1991, approximately 1 month and 1 day after mine. She was loyal classmate from form 1-5 in school and would ask for present every year but never give me mine! Not saying she's a gold digger, maybe just trying to get her annual payment for having to stand with my behavior through all those years. Whatever it is, she's the only one who can make my day when I had a rough one, laugh and cry for me when I'm in disaster and triumph, and be with me when no one else would. For all these, I'm very thankful.

Actually I'm waiting to be the last person who would wish her, but she just couldn't stand and call me first at 8.30pm. Girl, you really to have some patience.I knew I could never be the first, so the last would be enough. At least, I'm going to be the last person she would remember before she go to sleep.


muka muda2 dulu....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Post Raye... At Last!!!

To be honest, my raya was boring at first. I arrived late at home, thanks to assignments and plays. It was only 3 days before raya and my family on the behalf of my mother was busy calling me and all asking me to help them, and the same goes to the family on my father's behalf. I was hot stuff for the moment. haha... To be fair, I spent the first day at my house, second and third at theirs.

I was unable to move around and 'beraya' on the first and second day, there were too many people and I was too lazy. haha.... 

At last, Amin called me on the 4th, asking whether I'm to join him or not to Ayie's house. I said ok and he fetched me up at my Atuk's. Sad news arrived, Ayie was not in Ulu Jempol. So, we proceeded to Awie's before to Nurudin's. It was fun before they 'powed' my duit raya by KFC.. ttsskkk.. The day after, Amin fetched me up again to go to Ayie's. We spent 4 hours there, chit-chat and perform our solat.. The best part is, in every house we went, I paid a little visit to their toilet. huu~

I rested a day later, entertaining my uncle's family from Syah Alam. I need a break too.. . Amin asked me whether to go to Yaya Zamimi's house or not, but we were hopeless for a moment because we were short of transportation. I got the car but no license... In the time like this I realized what is the essentials of having a driving license.... haha

Eventhough Amin was determined not to go, I was 'termakan pujuk' Mixy who told me to go there by bus. I then messaged Dlah Tukichan, and blessfully, she was into it to.. so, we went there together... by bus. hehe

The next things happened were too long to be written here, so please enjoy the pics:

Teacher Zarina's
menu: Beehoon and Spaghetti...
Her children were cute, adorable, funny and wild !! 
their favourite victim was AFIQ!!!

menu: spaghetti also.. with orange juice.
best part is the duit raya session.. huhahahhaaha

Yaya Zamimi's
 Menus: Nasi Dagang (my feveret), tapai... and many more...
I'm still waiting for the promised Duit Raya.. hak3

Teacher Wan's and Cikgu Mat Sabri's
Menus: a lots of kueh raya and curry with bread...
Our last stop... and spontaneously..

The missing photos are from Yany's house and Hakim's.. To responsible parties, please upload all the pics available... and by saying responsible parties, I meant specifically Syahrul Asri @ Syah Gong Chan...

THE END  =) 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Of the Play

It has been long since I last posted a new entry to this blog. It's just that I was too busy with this and that. It's my final sem in Nilai, and I really don't need another extra semester in here. Anyway, I'm still stranded here in Nilai until Tuesday. And I really don't wanna talk about it. 
P/s: Salwee's blog also talks about this play (click here).

The Play

I'll start with the good thing first. I was just finished with my play. Yaaaayy!!! haha... Its a great success for me in this time. It was my first time to step on the stage again after 2 years being avoiding it. Obviously, I couldn't help it. Its like I was born with stage as my twin. I tried, but yeah... I felt something lost.

As for my play, it's called the Files, derived from the drama The Tape which we used as a reference. As I mention before, not only because it was my first time on stage after 2 years, but also because I was the one who wrote the script, except for the part when Aman inserted the ears character.

We spent not a lot of time on the play though. You know when the boys started practising. It was a disaster. However, the disaster didn't play any part in the real performance. It went GREAT! 
I saw miss couldn't stop laughing, and the audience kept smiling throughout the play. Besides, I could say that our play was  play with the most camera flashes. It was an fun, eventhough we skipped some parts due to the lack of practice.

Haji ke?? nooppee........Paparompie

after the play

Kuyen stood up against Naiem

I'm the Hell


Tribute to Miss Hanita

THE END.... =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Air of Freedom

Sometimes, breathing the air of relaxes after a hard day work is a bless. When the Malaysians were busy preparing and celebrating Independence Day on the last 31 August, we BEN students of CFS IIUM were still struggling with assignments and studies. When we were asked of what is the meaning of Independence Day, most of the time our answer would be 'More time to finish the assignments'. And today, it is all over. The hardworks are over. No need to wake up late in the middle of the night flipping on laptop. No more coffee on each table to accompany us in the time of dream. No more excuses to spend less time on dining. And the most important thing, no need to worry about the unfinished assignment anymore. 

This week, as being described by some of us as Hell week, we had had 3 quizzes to sit for, 3 major assignment to be handed in, and 1 play of which is still in practice. Some of us had their laptop crushed, consumed a large number of pills daily, and even a lot were cursing at the responsible party who bring these burden upon us (subhanAllah). But don't worry. Its over now and you can all be relax.

Upon this opportunity, I'd like to apologize to some of friends of many whom I hurt, especially to Syahrul, Pak Cik, Afeeq, Mixy, Amin, Mursyid, Bedol and all who were involved in that hang out in Shah Alam last week. I've not pay them enough attention and being moody all day. Its just that I was too tired and don't have enough sleep plus there's too many things to think about. Also, this apology would be unto Afiq Bintat (if even he read this) and Shahir, who gladly came here in Nilai just to celebrate my birthday and handed me the Baju Melayu. I'll wear them in Hari Raya InsyaAllah... But we had a great time yeah. 

And to all BEN Students of CFS IIUM, we had gone through the hard time. Thanks Allah and everyone who'd helped you. And yeah. We're not done yet. There's still play to be performed and torture of waiting here while everybody else will go home... much earlier than we will.