Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy 'Best'day Fatin Izzati !!!

As mentioned in the title, today is my bestfriend's birthday. She is Fatin Izzati and the only girl who can cope and resistant towards my attitude until now. Fatin was born in Kelantan (Kg Rusila perhaps) on 26/9/1991, approximately 1 month and 1 day after mine. She was loyal classmate from form 1-5 in school and would ask for present every year but never give me mine! Not saying she's a gold digger, maybe just trying to get her annual payment for having to stand with my behavior through all those years. Whatever it is, she's the only one who can make my day when I had a rough one, laugh and cry for me when I'm in disaster and triumph, and be with me when no one else would. For all these, I'm very thankful.

Actually I'm waiting to be the last person who would wish her, but she just couldn't stand and call me first at 8.30pm. Girl, you really to have some patience.I knew I could never be the first, so the last would be enough. At least, I'm going to be the last person she would remember before she go to sleep.


muka muda2 dulu....


Anonymous said...

wohoi! muka kau dlm gambar tuh! haha
epy bfday tok kawan ko! <3

A@roN LoCk said...

hah biar la.. kau bising.. ni muka baru2 nak matured..

eDa_sUna said...

fiz tyme tgok mke fatin tyme skolah dlu fatin tetap cute...!!!

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