Friday, September 17, 2010

Post Raye... At Last!!!

To be honest, my raya was boring at first. I arrived late at home, thanks to assignments and plays. It was only 3 days before raya and my family on the behalf of my mother was busy calling me and all asking me to help them, and the same goes to the family on my father's behalf. I was hot stuff for the moment. haha... To be fair, I spent the first day at my house, second and third at theirs.

I was unable to move around and 'beraya' on the first and second day, there were too many people and I was too lazy. haha.... 

At last, Amin called me on the 4th, asking whether I'm to join him or not to Ayie's house. I said ok and he fetched me up at my Atuk's. Sad news arrived, Ayie was not in Ulu Jempol. So, we proceeded to Awie's before to Nurudin's. It was fun before they 'powed' my duit raya by KFC.. ttsskkk.. The day after, Amin fetched me up again to go to Ayie's. We spent 4 hours there, chit-chat and perform our solat.. The best part is, in every house we went, I paid a little visit to their toilet. huu~

I rested a day later, entertaining my uncle's family from Syah Alam. I need a break too.. . Amin asked me whether to go to Yaya Zamimi's house or not, but we were hopeless for a moment because we were short of transportation. I got the car but no license... In the time like this I realized what is the essentials of having a driving license.... haha

Eventhough Amin was determined not to go, I was 'termakan pujuk' Mixy who told me to go there by bus. I then messaged Dlah Tukichan, and blessfully, she was into it to.. so, we went there together... by bus. hehe

The next things happened were too long to be written here, so please enjoy the pics:

Teacher Zarina's
menu: Beehoon and Spaghetti...
Her children were cute, adorable, funny and wild !! 
their favourite victim was AFIQ!!!

menu: spaghetti also.. with orange juice.
best part is the duit raya session.. huhahahhaaha

Yaya Zamimi's
 Menus: Nasi Dagang (my feveret), tapai... and many more...
I'm still waiting for the promised Duit Raya.. hak3

Teacher Wan's and Cikgu Mat Sabri's
Menus: a lots of kueh raya and curry with bread...
Our last stop... and spontaneously..

The missing photos are from Yany's house and Hakim's.. To responsible parties, please upload all the pics available... and by saying responsible parties, I meant specifically Syahrul Asri @ Syah Gong Chan...

THE END  =) 


hOoda :) said...

bestnye korang .. :)

Anonymous said...

SUMPAH saye jeles!!!
>by aishah suda...

A@roN LoCk said...

kenapa echah x join? bukan anda ke yg plan?

aishah suda said...

saye ad sedikit mslah pg tuh'
tbe2 x ley nk join...

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