Sunday, September 5, 2010

Of the Play

It has been long since I last posted a new entry to this blog. It's just that I was too busy with this and that. It's my final sem in Nilai, and I really don't need another extra semester in here. Anyway, I'm still stranded here in Nilai until Tuesday. And I really don't wanna talk about it. 
P/s: Salwee's blog also talks about this play (click here).

The Play

I'll start with the good thing first. I was just finished with my play. Yaaaayy!!! haha... Its a great success for me in this time. It was my first time to step on the stage again after 2 years being avoiding it. Obviously, I couldn't help it. Its like I was born with stage as my twin. I tried, but yeah... I felt something lost.

As for my play, it's called the Files, derived from the drama The Tape which we used as a reference. As I mention before, not only because it was my first time on stage after 2 years, but also because I was the one who wrote the script, except for the part when Aman inserted the ears character.

We spent not a lot of time on the play though. You know when the boys started practising. It was a disaster. However, the disaster didn't play any part in the real performance. It went GREAT! 
I saw miss couldn't stop laughing, and the audience kept smiling throughout the play. Besides, I could say that our play was  play with the most camera flashes. It was an fun, eventhough we skipped some parts due to the lack of practice.

Haji ke?? nooppee........Paparompie

after the play

Kuyen stood up against Naiem

I'm the Hell


Tribute to Miss Hanita

THE END.... =)


Ftn Fth said...

gila kentang ko tarik rambut naim >_<

A@roN LoCk said...

haha.. xdep la... tarik sket je.. die effect lebih. agipon die yg suh tarik. haha

Yaya said...

xde video ke wes??

A@roN LoCk said...

ade.. x upload agie.. haha... tgg ea...

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