Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Air of Freedom

Sometimes, breathing the air of relaxes after a hard day work is a bless. When the Malaysians were busy preparing and celebrating Independence Day on the last 31 August, we BEN students of CFS IIUM were still struggling with assignments and studies. When we were asked of what is the meaning of Independence Day, most of the time our answer would be 'More time to finish the assignments'. And today, it is all over. The hardworks are over. No need to wake up late in the middle of the night flipping on laptop. No more coffee on each table to accompany us in the time of dream. No more excuses to spend less time on dining. And the most important thing, no need to worry about the unfinished assignment anymore. 

This week, as being described by some of us as Hell week, we had had 3 quizzes to sit for, 3 major assignment to be handed in, and 1 play of which is still in practice. Some of us had their laptop crushed, consumed a large number of pills daily, and even a lot were cursing at the responsible party who bring these burden upon us (subhanAllah). But don't worry. Its over now and you can all be relax.

Upon this opportunity, I'd like to apologize to some of friends of many whom I hurt, especially to Syahrul, Pak Cik, Afeeq, Mixy, Amin, Mursyid, Bedol and all who were involved in that hang out in Shah Alam last week. I've not pay them enough attention and being moody all day. Its just that I was too tired and don't have enough sleep plus there's too many things to think about. Also, this apology would be unto Afiq Bintat (if even he read this) and Shahir, who gladly came here in Nilai just to celebrate my birthday and handed me the Baju Melayu. I'll wear them in Hari Raya InsyaAllah... But we had a great time yeah. 

And to all BEN Students of CFS IIUM, we had gone through the hard time. Thanks Allah and everyone who'd helped you. And yeah. We're not done yet. There's still play to be performed and torture of waiting here while everybody else will go home... much earlier than we will.



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1 more to go hoyeahhhhh!

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urgh. i've submitted my term paper.

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