Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

I've to admit my birthday was boring at first. Yes I've received many phonecalls and messages, plus the wishes in the facebook, but I still felt something missing then. At the night, only Khalis and Zhaf were celebrating with me - if you even call throwing talc powder is a type of celebration- and the rest of my dormates were idle. Its okay. I've never put a high expectation towards anyone to remember my birthday. If they do, Alhamdullilah. If they don't, let it pass. No biggie. But to some people who I feel like I'm close to, I really mind. I was quite disappointed by them though. They did wished, but that's it. I was expecting something from them, but disappoinment are the only thing I got. Maybe I'm not what I thought I'm to them.

Even Asyraf and Kuyen don't remember my birthday. To be honest, I've never expected them to, but the facts that everyone in the classroom was wishing me makes me feel like I was missing something from them. "Laa... besday ko ke? bila??" Asyraf said. Fine.

After the class, nothing happened. For berbuka, Cha'eng gave Khalis the keys to his car to take me for dinner. I was very thankful for that. thanks cha'eng.

While I as waiting for the Waktu berbuka, I received a phonecall from Po'Che' asking me where I was. I was far though from UIA. I was in Nilai enjoying Indonesian cuisines. " Balik cepat ea!!" he reminded me.

Just right after we finished eating, we went back to the dorm. There was no one. So, I flipped on my laptop and ready with the broadband. All of a sudden, there was a noise and they were singing a Bunkface song.

"Buat apa lagi tuh? meh cni bukak seluar!!" Along told me to... Bukak seluar?? WHAT THE HECK?!!

Then they dragged me and opened up my pants, leaving only shorts with me. Then they tried to take my shirt off but I insisted on keeping them on.

They dragged me into the toilet with me still asking  " nak buat apa nih????". Passed the first bathroom, I saw a dozen of eggs and a pack of flour with a bottle of Coke. OMG!!!!!!

I ran into a bathroom but they managed to get in too. Next thing I knew was that there were eggs all over my body. It was sticky and stinks and nauseous. Then they opened up the flour and covered my body with it. Now I was Manusia Celup Tepung. To make it worse, they splashed the Coke and it got into my mouth a little bit. It was sweet.

Just the time when they about to lunch the second attack, I vomitted on the floor. It was red. They thought it was a blood vomit but actually, it was the lemon syrup I just had. Seeing they were petrified, I took the chance to rush over and managed to escape from the bathroom. Just as I was about to get out, I saw the remaining things. Time for revenge!!!

Pokche' and Judin didn't managed to get out as they were locked from out. They were my victims!!
I jumped onto them, squeezing the eggs and floor. At the end of it, they were as bad as me. I was happy.

After we finished take a bath and get some rest, they pulled me again. This time was to cut the cake. They bought a cake from Secret Recipe and it was Chocolate Indulgence, my favourite.

As Along is the only one who were saved from the whole tepung-telur thing, I decided to take a slice of the cake and paste it onto his face. He was furious and get the rest of it and rubbed it all over my face. Haha.. that was fun. Here it is:

OK. that's it. thanks guys.. now I'm waiting for orang tersayang yg janji nak dtg esok.
bye        ^^V


amiey.N said...

auwwwwwwwwww! we were thinking the same babe. i was like hoping for something like this for my bday last 3 days but nothing happened. you're lucky enough. seeeee :D btw, happy birthday AGAIN !

A@roN LoCk said...

haaha.. thanks ea. da belated da...

ceLy. said...

haha, 19 okay. not 17.
ler, bile org ajk segan. -_-"

yaya said...

gila bes besday ka! aku xde celebration lgsg.... ));

Anonymous said...

haha.ko mmg manusia celup tepung.kalo goreng pahtu jual kat tepi jalan,sah laku do.hha.:DD

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