Monday, December 6, 2010

A Talk With Mom

'How do you think about child adoption?' I asked my mom on a fine evening with a scoop in my right hand and handkerchief in the other.

'Its good. But you have to get a wife for that first.'
'Why? I can handle them myself.'
'Are you sure? Who's gonna take care of 'em when you go for outstation?'
I paused.
'Well, that's hard. How would I get a wife? I'm not even thinking of getting married.'
'But you ought to. Someday.'
'That's the problem. When is the day? What if the day come and I dun even realize it?'
'It's not like that. You'll know when you found one. For the moment, just be comfortable with the way you are, ok? (I'm pretty sure she meant 'single'.)'
'I'm fine the way I am. It's not a problem. But I can't help imagining myself going through life alone.'
'How would you have a family without a wife?'
'I can manage it though. I can raise them as a single parent.'
'Well, I'm not sure about that. It gonna be hard. Even with your dad, I've had enough problems already.'
I paused for the second time. That is super true too.
'Son, you'll settle down someday, marrying the person you love. It's just that you don't found her yet.'
'That is one. The other thing is that I dun feel like 'liking' anyone for a long time now. I'm even wondering myself. Can I love someone?'
'Of course you do.'
'How do you know? I'm terrible.'
'Cause I've been living with you all this while, right? You grow up in front of my eyes. I'm sure you do not lost that sense yet.'
'I dun know if I can stay.'
'Then, you better find someone who CAN make you stay.'
'I hope she does exist.'
Looking at me for a second, then smile, 'Quick, the soup is ready.'

My sweetheart <3



ceLy. said...

hahaha, when the time comes, you will just know it that moment. chill mate. :D

Yaya Zamimi said...

haah ek...
aku pn penah t'pk,
cmne kala ka kawen nnti kn?
sure kompem PELIK! -.-"

A@roN LoCk said...

salwee: betul2. But not yet desperate. haha...

Yaya: aku pun pelik ngan diri sendiri...

~aya~ said...

interesting ;)

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