Friday, January 6, 2012

Why I Resented Twilight The Series

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I'm sure many of the readers here adores Twilight, well sorry, but not me. I resented Twilight the Series, in fact, Stephanie Meyer has become my least favorite writer. And bless Kristen Stewart, it's not her fault.

I began reading Twilight the Series when I was in IIUM Nilai, doing my foundation, when a friend gave it to me. I spent the next few weeks reading the whole series, and somehow, despite the continuation of urge to keep reading, it doesn't fascinate me, instead, I read just to hate even more.

For me, Stephanie Meyer's works are just the mere fantasy of a typical girl, and that what she's selling. Of course, more girls can relate to that, and that's what makes it countertop sells. Why am I saying this?

1) Edward Cullen is a perfect character of a charming prince.

For me, Edward Cullen here is the most unrealistic of them all. Come on girls, describe your dream guy:

-Handsome: Here's the catch right? I mean, which love novel doesn't portray a handsome hero, and Stephanie Meyer made it clear in all her series. Edward is hot guy at the school who admired by every girl alive, walking through the cafe with all eyes towards him, envied by the boys.

P/S: J.K Rowling's series never once describe Harry as a handsome boy, except from Ginny's perspective.

-Strong, and protective. Edward is very strong as a vampire, in fact, among the strongest in his coven. It's natural sense that a girl always long for a protection from a boy she loves.

-Passionate. From what has been described, Edward is the one who's more passionate. In your love, girl, don't you want a guy romantically staring at you all night, protecting you from any possible harm, threatening to commit suicide after you're break up, want to be with you all second, all day, cuddling on bed, admitting his love to you is worth more than his life?

-Well built: Edward is very fit and sexy, admit that.

-Very rich. Remember how Edward bought a pre-wedding gift of a tank-like Mercedes to Bella before a wedding? And how they spend their honeymoon in the island Esme bought for them? Man, it must be a fortune to buy an island, and a Mercedes, and what's Carlisle working as? A prime minister? Multidollar businessman? No. A doctor.

-Very 'experienced'. Edward is a 109 years-old 'boy' who trapped in 17 years-old body.

-Psychic. Remember when a girl always say to her spouse, 'I wish you know what I want, what I feel right now.' Well, Meyer has it all under her thumb there. Edward, though cannot read Bella's mind, he understands what a girl desires throughout 109 years old of experiences from the girls around him, and give it all to Bella.

-Everlasting love. As a vampire, Edward promised the happily ever after that dreamed by all girls. He cannot die from aging, and he's very strong, unlike other vampires he can stay under sun, no sunburn or whatever, and the only way he could be killed is the lethal battle with a werewolf or, a stick through his heart. Minus all these, you can live with him for as long as you want.

-And, despite all the characteristics of a hot guy above, Edward is still single. In 109 years, he's only has fallen in love once, and that's with the loser driving a red, crappy truck to the school namely Bella. Come on, 109 years? A hot guy? Surrounded by very good looking features (notice how his coven is?).. The only way he could remain chaste is he is gay. That's all I can think about.

That's all I could write for now. I got to study maaa...  To be continued..... The next thing we'll be talking about is about Bella.


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