Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Reincarnation

this post is dedicated to the most important person behind this blog.
she is the one who moved me to reopen this blog..... thank you Yaya Zamimi.=)

when i first decided to establish this blog, it was just for fun and i have no idea of what a blog really is. my intention back then was just to share my precious moments with the readers, especially my beloved Mercurian.

but i had a complication with the system after 2 post. my internet was really slow, and i have no one to turn to.

i didn't know what a gadget is, nor how to insert pictures in it. the songs and musics, were aliens to me. even typing into the new post was awkward.

as i was saying, there's no one i could turn to. my dormmates then never had a blog, and some of them were just about to open Facebook. i'm all alone, lost in the search of someone who would help me find the way through it all.

So, the blog (it was 'value the relationship' back then) remains untouch and i swore not to open it again. i deleted it from my Facebook, afraid of anyone who would find it out.

but after several months, as i was browsing through Yaya Zamimi's Facebook wall, i took a glimpse at her post. it was from her blog.

i clicked on it and amazed at how she managed to make her blog so interesting. she got great musics, nice pictures and attractive background wallpaper.

that was when i decided to click on blogspot and resign in it again, after all these months of disappointment and give-ups.

thanks to Yaya Zamimi, now i begin to reactivate my blog, and continue sharing my precious moments with everybody else. she helped me inserting musics, and also changing my wallpaper background.

besides all of these, Yaya Zamimi also taught me of one thing that i could never realized before.



~fisha~ said...

enjoy blogging!!! follow u..

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