Friday, July 23, 2010

Anterograde Amnesia

To talk about the things I have forgotten about is quite an impossible one, this is because I'm one of the people who suffers from anterograde amnesia or short term memory lost. I often lost my keys, and my friends would find it stuck to my locker, or on my bed or other obvious places where I often put them. Losing things is not a new subject to my dorm mates. Thank God they understand and helped getting through all the troubles.I would avoid keeping things, assignments for example, for my group mates because I can lost them in just 5 minutes.

Keeping tracks to the places I have gone to is another complicated matter. That's the main reason of why I don't have driver license until now. I prefer not to. I could get lost in the city or alien places in just a moment of  unconciousness.

Remembering names is another problem to me. If you knew me from a convention, an event and meet me for just once or twice, I'm sorry, I can't remember your name. Its like my brain has a limited Random Access Memory (RAM) and many things to be put. Mind you, so far, I can only remember just a few, not more than 10 of my primary school friends and the names of secondary school friends are now fading. It's not that they are unimportant to me, but my disability distorted me.

Almost every Jumaat prayer in my hometown, I would get a stranger talks to me, laughs, and I would entertain him for a little while. The problem is when they started to ask "Do you remember me?", I would abruptly say "I'm sorry, no." and they would walk away. It is a disappointment, not only to them but also to me.

That story about my teacher, I will tell in another post. =)

When I went back home last week, I had buy a new sport shoes, for futsal and jog as planned. Yeah, to get rid of this excessive fat in me. I carried it in a plastic beg, not in my back pack. It was fine from the home, into the bus until I get to KL Sentral. I then took a KTM trip from KL to Nilai. As soon as train arrived at the Nilai station, I walked out swiftly, hands free. The train's door shut and prepared to leave. I can't help noticing the people in my coach keep staring at me. It took me 10 minutes after that to realize that I left my shoes in the train.

As I mentioned earlier, this is not a new problem. I had lost a lot of thing that way. In fact, there must be something I left back home and I would only realize it when I needed them. This happens to everytime I went back home.

Googling the Internet for the causes and diseases related to this problem, I was shocked. There are 22 lists of  causes and I hope mine is not among many which are severe. To date, I'm still waking up everyday searching for my keys and I hope someday, this could stop.

I'd like myself to remember names, going through the day without losing my keys, or wallet, and not worrying about tasks and assignments. I'd like that. Really do.


Anonymous said...

jgn nanti terlupe bini sudeyy..=p

A@roN LoCk said...

Bini pon saya xde.. haha

Ftn Fth said...

rilly ? aku rase aku pun ada bende ni. nyanyuk mudo weh.

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