Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brother's Fight


Ilyas the Bully

Amar theVictim

               Ilyas whose original name is Haiqal, is my fourth brother, and Ammar is his little brother.Ammar was born only one year after Ilyas. The reason why Ilyas changed his name was because when he was a baby, he was always in fever. So, my grandpa came out saying that the name Haiqal doesn't suit him. So, he took little pieces of paper and wrote names on it. Then he rolled them together and throw it on the floor, asking my little brother to pick one out of them. The name Ilyas was decided after he picked them up 5 times in a roll.

              And as for Ammar, being a younger brother is always hard, as most of us know. I'll tell more about him throughout entries, okay.. haha

             It was last night -this entry has been delayed for about a week- when I was playing with my baby cousin, one of the baby's brother aged about 9 years old came rushing to me. 'They are fighting,' he said.
'Erm?? Ilyas and Ammar? Let them be,' I said.

            We are a family consists of 7 brothers and just one little princess, so fighting is common among us. My elder brother kicked my ass, I kicked my brother's, he kicked his brother's, it's usual. The best man wins. Its like a nature principle or what. No one bothers.

            'Ilyas kicked Ammar until he falls down the stairs!' he exclaimed. Now, that was not usual. I rushed to the scene just to see Ammar whimpering, holding his right hand to his chest, eyes squinted at the end of the staircase. Ilyas stood there, his face was emotionless. I put the baby down, rushed to him, hold his neck, pushed him to the outside of the balcony. He hung there with only my hand holding him from not fall down.

'What happened back there?' I asked.
'I kicked Ammar falls down the stair' he answered.
'He called me a wimp,' he continued.

One thing about Ilyas is that he's very much a bad tempered person. Call him names would just end up with fight. Oh, not to forget, he's as tall as me as you were reading.

            So, I released him back to the floor and he was coughing from the choke. I felt bad, but after all, he needed to be punished as well. I don't blame anyone on this because they both learned their mistakes.

            I continued my games with the baby after that. I just love babies, but at most times, I would avoid toddlers. They are worst than those pee and pukes baby had. uurrgghh.. I just couldn't stand toddlers. Those running, screaming are above my temper limit. I dun understand why the cutest would grown up being the worst. haha....

           An hour after that, I walked to the balcony and saw Ilyas sat at one corner. I tried to get close to him. He was feeling guilty and nervous, I can say. I know my brothers, and I can tell when they are feeling something. His eyes would not meet mine, he answered my questions very abruptly and he was being very sensitive to whatever happened around him. Most of all, he couldn't focus.

        The other kids were playing puzzle in the house and he answered them correctly, but just to himself and me hearing.I felt bad for him too, but its good for him. He realized his mistakes. 'So, what really happened back then?' I asked him. 'I was wrong' he replied. 'Good. So what you should do?' I continued. 'I should apologize' he answered. His head pointed down.

       Seeing that he has already know what he should do, I walked away. Next thing I know, he was playing with Ammar like nothing has ever happened that night. That was a brother's fight. You really hate each other for that time and it didn't last long.

P/S: I really don't want my brother fight with Muhammad Hafiqi rite now. He's big. I'll be beaten up for sure.


Anonymous said...

u love babies?
so sweet..

A@roN LoCk said...

I love babies only. Not his mom or his adolescence brothers. haha

Anonymous said...

meaning that you only love your son@daughter but not your wife? =_=

A@roN LoCk said...

meaning that i've no interest in married woman. =)

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