Sunday, August 15, 2010

What If Animal Can Talk and Think?

This lately, strange dreams have been haunting me all night. What makes me wonder is that they said that dreams are satan's toy or whatever but in this Ramadhan, they have been tied and caged in a place in the middle of the ocean rite? At least that is what they told me. Even stranger is that the dreams have nothing to do with me. I'm not even in one of them.

Last night I've dreamed about animal can talk and intelligent. I don't know if this has anything to do with my persuasion speech entitled 'Stop Animal Abuse', but it was there. 

The picture above is about one of the animal abuse. The Siamese has been practicing this exotic food from ancient time and still survive until now. The tradition is eating monkey brains alive. Besides Siamese, the Chinese and Indonesian also have this practiced in their lives.

In the table like above, they put the monkey in the middle where it has a hole in it. The hole will hold the monkey's head, and it's hands and legs will be chained. In the middle of its screaming, the chef will cut off the upper part of the skull, revealing the brain when the monkey is still alive. The customers then would then suck the brain out using straws. What makes it effective is the screaming of the monkey. Gross, isn't?

BTW, this post is not about my dream or consuming monkey's brain... In my dreams, the animals have their own country and system, in where human are not allowed. This is ridiculous. What makes me think deeper is that primate such as orang utan and chimpanzee have more strength than human. Once in Zoo Negara, they told me that the chimpanzee's strength is twice its age. As for example, if a chimp is 7 years old, it'll have a strength of 14years old human. And that was proven by their crew.

If a chimp have a strength of  two 7 years old boy, then it would be very easy for them to make the same thing as the picture above. The elephants could crush on tanks, birds could sabotage the flights, whales could sink on submarines and ships. What they are lack to do so is just intelligence. And if Darwin's theory of evolution is true, then they would have what they lack soon. It's just the matter of 'WHEN'.

In Islam, we're being told that when the time come for the end of the world, the animals and tree can talk and have their own intelligence. They have it all before this, but they are only allowed to do this when the time come. So, the scenario I've been dreaming of is possible, isn't?

P/S: this is all of my imagination only. dun take it seriously. =))


Syafiq said...

Salweee just killed a MONKEY in her new post ::

ceLy. said...

oh syapiqq no need to brag bout that. -_-

cik rina said...

Ya Allah...its really scary. i cant imagine if someday monkey will eat human brains.

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