Saturday, August 21, 2010

There're Still Those Who Care...

I woke up at 9 am, washed my face, performed my Solat Subuh which has been delayed because of my dead sleep before continued watching Heroes season 2. My friend, Khalis woke up an hour later, asking me of his handphone.

I don't take it seriously and search for just like that because that happens almost every day. Common thing. Until much later, he said that he set the alarm clock at 10 but didn't hear a thing.

We spent the next 15 minutes searching for it again, intensely, only to found the condom -that was what he called it- the rubber cover for the handphone on the top of his closet, flipped inside out. After  that he said that he wanted to go downstairs, I said I'll follow. It took me almost 30 minutes to calm him down.

A month ago, my other friend who is also in the same dorm, was tricked by a company to pay them RM900++ or they will drag his name to the court. He was tricked to join the company's program in the last sem, and heard nothing or get no benefits from it after he joined. It was a month ago when the company called him to pay the fees, costs him all his remaining scholarship money.

Just after he banked the money in, Khalis searched for the company informations online and found out that it was a fraud.

I know how it feels. To lost something in a blink of an eye. To feel like you've lost enough. To feel like you're the most unlucky person in the whole world. I've lost my phones. Twice. So I know how it feels.

In the middle of situations like this, what we need most were two things: Hope and Support. Hope is frail but we need the least of it. Support, is what we need most. Someone who'll be with us until we get through all this harshness. Someone who'll help guiding us when we lost our senses.

To be honest, after I'd lost my phones, it was hard for me to trust anyone. I was paranoid. Everytime I walked out of my home I'll have that feeling of insecure that haunted me until I found someone who can be trusted.

It is lucky that I have my friends and family. I can rely on them. I'll found someone I need when I'm in trouble or in sadness when I'm with them. I'll always found the support I needed most in the time of distressed. Even if I don't have the hope, they'll always give me one. =)


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