Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Night

Ok.. I'm back posting 'things' to this blog.. It's not that I'm tend to be quiet or what, it just that I'm too lazy to type. Hahaha..... Okay, here it goes.

This post is from my Atuk's house, where I've been to take care of him. My mom called me on Tuesday to inform me about my Atuk's condition, so I decided to go back home in the midst of Thursday evening. Oh yes, I stayed with my grandparents from my very earlier days until I was in form 2. They meant so much to me.

So, my journey home was normal, tiring, and boring as usual. nothing interesting. I took a cab from IIUM Nilai to KTM and from there, I went to KL Sentral before going to Pekeliling via monorail.
I arrived home at 9.30pm with my brother waiting at the station to pick me up.

The story began here. My car was punctured, and we had to wait for my cousins to arrive with my other car. so we spent like 1 hour in a restaurant, drinking for nothing. They had a wondrous dinner but not for me. I just done with a McD's Double Cheeseburger Large Meal and added on, a beefburger. So, I was pretty full. There we sat, laughing like crazy, and they told me something about our family that I never knew. My family from my father's bloodline is from Siamese, or to be exact, from Pattani. They migrated to Kelantan before decided to settle down in Pahang.

ni bukan nenek aku!!

When my cousins arrived with the spare tyre, we ate again at the restaurant, just to let them catch their breath.   30 minutes later, we started to move to the car. The car was parked just in front of Maybank, so the process went pretty well with me just sat aside, staring at what they did because they won't allow me to touch anything. I started to feel like a spoiler. 

The journey home went pretty fast too. With my cousin dangerous-but-safe driving, we stopped at another restaurant to eat, again. This time, I ordered a dish of fried Maggi and enjoyed that very much.

At home, I was startled to see my uncle with his wife and son. Honestly, I've never like them. Most of the time, I would just ignore their existence. Then I went to take a refreshing bath before going to sleep. I slept on a couch as the rooms were all full. *Syahrul, Mixy and Square would know.

I woke up at 3 in the morning with my teeth chattered, my hands turned blue, my head felt heavy and my back was killing me. I was wearing short with thin blanket but the fan didn't really spun so fast. I put my palm to forehead just to feel my temperature. I'm pretty sure it was high, but my whole body was covered in cold. I tried various sleep position to feel a little ease but it didn't work. So, I got up on my feet, heading to the toilet. I was so dizzy I felt like falling down. Everyone was asleep, so I didn't want to wake them up. 

Moreover, my intention of coming home was to take care of my grandparent, so I need not anyone to take care of me. I headed to the kitchen after the toilet. There, I found a bottle of 100 Plus and drink almost half of it. I spent the rest of the night going back and forth to the toilet. 

On my way back from the toilet, I once noticed a thick blanket, so I did take them and covered myself in it, even my head. Obviously, I tried to sweat, but the problem with being Muhammad Luqman bin Mohd Saidi is that I don't sweat. I could run twice the field and my shirt will be as dry as I don't even stared. I've played two hours of non-stop futsal and it leave me with a very thin line of sweat, just enough to keep me shining in the night when my other friends were twisting their shirt together to get the juice out of them.

I woke up at 6 still with the dizziness and back ache, but the cold and temperature rise was gone. At least, I could pretend that I'm okay without anyone had to know what happened last night. =))


Anonymous said...

kesian awak :(

ceLy. said...

musim kot, temperature naik2 ni. hahaha

Anonymous said...

sebab mandi malam tu kot... badan ngah panas n letih, tetibe je kena sejuk, so reacted la....

yaya said...

bnyknye ka melantak!!sow hows ur atuk?

A@roN LoCk said...

bese r perut da membesar..
atuk.. da ok sket... tp cam tuh je la..
terbaring je. pergi tandas pon org pimpin.

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