Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Humble Gratitude

Seeing most of my IIUM are now posting their responses toward the results, I decided to go with one. Many of my friends posted 'Alhamdulilah,' 'Syukur', 'Thank you si polan si polan' marked that they've succeeded. But more than some were dissappointed. It's ok. Allah wants to reward you more on your upcoming efforts. Try hard, never back down my friend, especially you. Yes, you.

There's reason why I don't like to expose my result to my fellow friends. 'Eleh, result x seberapa pon nak kecoh.'  I'm used to this. So if I did tell you, then that means I trusted you and please don't contaminate it. Thank you.

1st and foremost, to Allah Almighty, thanks for this blessing. I know myself that I'm getting further away from you, and maybe this is a sign telling me to get back to you. Yes, I thank you, really am. There's no point in writing it here when you can see deep into my heart.

2nd, my family. There's lot to say but I'm lost of words. Walaupun result x seberapa kalau nak bandingkan dgn anak org lain, but I still can get the relief seeing my mother smiled after looking at my result. Your smile is the only reason why I'm glad with this result. haha

I'd like to thank all my lecturers here for the awesome marks you have given me. Although I made some slack in Grammar, but still, Madam Shamimah rewarded me higher than I expected. Thank you. And to my beloved lecturer in two of my favourite subjects, Drama and Oral Com, thank you. I'm speechless. haha.. ngade.

Still following? Nah. Thanks to my friends!! Semua semua sekali! Yang UIA, NON-UIA, thanks for your support. Especially Kuyen and Ceghah who always scold me to go study even I'm not listening to them. Seeing them study made me feel challenged and that is another factor leading to this awesome result. Next, meh la aku tulih: YAYA ZAMIMI (aku da tulih besor2. x nampak x tau la)  Sulong, Padi, Po' Che', Muttaqim, Padi,Khalis, Zaf, Fikri, (semua budak2 dorm aku), Wandot, Zaza, Ftn Fth, Amirah Husna (pon ade? hahahahaha), Sharifah Sakinah, Aimaan, Khairul Azri, Ghufran, Syafiq Viva, Aman, Fazree, Naim, Kamarulzaman, SALWEE, semua yang aktif bercakap dlm tenet tapi bila jumpe terkelu lidah (YESS, ITU ANDA!), yang kat CFS x pernah nak tegur aku tapi lepas CFS je baek. Yes, you know who you are. haha... (Pelik jugak kenapa aku x ditegur? sombong sgtke aku nih?)

Thanks jugak kepada yang NON-UIA tapi setiap malam sms n tanye khabar psai exam. Thanks  for your supports and encouragement walaupun jujur aku nak cakp sni, masa aku ckp aku  ngah study uw, buku pon haram sentuh.

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Wanda Redzuan said...

i like Nilai kata pegi Gombak kata mari hehe.

Anonymous said...

nama aku dy sebut....yes!!!!

Mrs Salju Kasih said...

semua yang aktif bercakap dlm tenet tapi bila jumpe terkelu lidah (YESS, ITU ANDA!)

ak terase.hahah

Yaya Zamimi said...

eh nme aku? xde pn... -.-"

Fadhilah Asari said...

congrats loqman =)
nak tumpang gumbiree

A@roN LoCk said...

salju kasih: anda masih lagi misteri pada saya. siapa kamu?

yaya: ade la. cube tengok memolek..

pelah: tenkiues... haha

ceLy. said...

lar, kau tak tau salju kasih tu sape ?
pergh, name aku di CAPS LOCK kan. woot! O.O

cik rina said...

kalo ak dekat Maran skunk, ak blanje ka makan...huhuhu =p

Syafiq said...

Ahaha :: Aq pon ader Aaron ??? ni y nak nangis ni :: lol !!! :P Thanks :: u too okay ::

A@roN LoCk said...

salwee: tatau... sape tuh?

Cik Rina: eleh... ckp... kalau kat skolah pon x pernah nak belanje.. haha...

syafiq: ada la.... semua ada.. haha

Yaya Zamimi said...

perggghhhh terbaik dr ladang!!! besar bapak nama aku kau letak!!!

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