Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Of a Princess and Wizard

Once upon a time, in a kingdom of far away, where the fairies played gleefully over a meadow, unicorns roamed in about every forest, dwarves were collecting gold without interferes from anybody (except the leprechauns) and the elves sat on big watering stones where nobody could see them, lived a king on his throne. Good enough, the king was expecting a baby. He already has six sons who he trained extensively, days and nights, making sure that they would be true kings, have their own adventures and bring home beautiful princesses who they would rescue from evil dragons, orges or giants.

'This time, it would be a baby princess,' the royal soothsayer said. And like in every fairy tales, what they said would became reality. Out of the oven, came a cute baby princess whose eyes where gleaming over the lights, the skin of the fairest you would ever seen and the wavy brunette hair which would enchanted everyone who's looking. The king sighed...

'But don't you worry, she's going to be somebody you would never expect,' tells the soothsayer again. 
True enough, at the age of 3, she asked her father to put her into training together with her brothers.'I want to defeat an evil wizard too.' She exclaimed. The king and queen laughed, but did put her up to the training courses.

Years passing and the princess is now 18 years old. All 6 of her brothers have gone out to find their own experiences, leaving her alone at home.

'I want to go out too,' she told her parent. 
'No you can't. You're a princess. You stay in the castle, dance, knit, and wait for a prince to come here and asks to marry you.' Her father said. But as a stubborn child, she insisted and her father couldn't do anything but to let her go.

She left the castle riding a white horse and full armory bringing along with her prayers from both of her parent and the whole kingdom. She began her journey by following the rainbow which she was told that leprechaun lives at the end.

In the middle of her saga, she met an old woman whose back was bowing, nearly touches the ground and her nose was so crooked until it seemed to reach her upper lip.

'Can I have a glass of cool, unwithering water, pretty lady?' She asked. The princess smiled. 'Of course,' she said. She handled her a glass of water from her container.
'Now that I've drank the water, I couldn't help noticing my stomach is croaking, my dear,' she said.
'Of course it is. It must be the sound of water with your empty stomach. Here, eat this.' She handled her a loaf of bread. 
'Oh thank you, dear.' The old lady smiled, exposing her toothless mouth and finished the loaf.
'Now that I've  eat the bread, my head is sleepy. I can't move like this. I've got to sleep.' The old lady voiced again. 
'Sure ma'am. Sleep under that tree, would you? I'll stay awake here, guarding you from wolves and burglars.' 

So, our princess stayed under the tree waiting for the old woman to wake up. The night came and the old woman woke up at last.

'Oh.. You're still here.. That's so nice of you...Come on, pretty princess. Come on. Let's go to my house. I'll prepare something for you. I've got sweet pumpkin pie waiting at home for you. Come on...' The old lady said as she woke up.

So the princess walked with the old woman to her house, wondering how the woman knew that she's a princess.

'I'm an old woman. I know about of a lot of things. Don't you worry little princess. I knew about your life, your mission and what will you face next.' Said the old lady when the princess asked her about it.

'There, in the forest, has it an old castle. A wizard lives in there. Every once in a while, we could also see a young prince there. Some say that he held the prince as a prisoner. Now, in the very dark of the morning, take these beans, comb and fork and head over there. They should be helpful. Go get some sleep and depart in the morning you will,' said the old lady again.

So, the next morning our princess packed all of her stuffs and headed to the forest. The forest was dark and creepy. It was dark and most of the trees there were dead. She can hardly hear anything's footsteps. All that she could hear was wind's sound swaying around the dead trees branches. At the furthest end of the forest, stood the old grey castle.

The castle was surrounded with dead plant, black roses, thorn were everywhere. There stood a huge black dog at the front door. Besides the dog, the princess couldn't see anything alive. The dog barked at her for a moment before it actually talked.

'What are you doing here, Princess? Go away swiftly and I'll spare your life.'
'I'm here to claim my prince.' Said the princess.
'Prince? The prince? Oh NO! He won't go with you.' Replied the dog before he attacked her viciously.
The princess fought back, but the dog was too big and strong for her. So, she threw the comb that was given by the old woman. The comb grew bigger and turned into a huge trap and held the dog as a captive.

Then the princess entered the old castle, finding the prince. There he was, in the garden, having his breakfast heartily. 'Who are you?' The prince said.
'I'm your princess.' the princess replied.
'What are you doing here?' The prince said again.
'I'm here to pick you up and save you from the wizard.'
'What? Are you crazy? No.. You can't save me. I'll stay here. Go back to your country.'
'No.. I'll save you. This is my destiny. Follow me.'

But, suddenly, the wizard came in. he was wearing his black robe. Quite charming though.

'Oh look at who do we have here, a princess. Come on princess, please. Stay here for a couple of days. It would be my pleasure.' Said the wizard, kissing her hand.

So the princess stayed there for several days under the wizard's request. She hasn't seen the prince again after the incident. So, she planned to escape on the third day, bringing the prince with her.

The third day came, and she has found the prince, but the problem was that the prince didn't want to go with her. So, she tied him up on the horse, and rode home.

'WAIT!!' She heard a distance voice. She knew that voice, it was the wizard. She could see him fly instead of riding a horse. The wizard was becoming nearer to them. 'PRINCESSS!!!' He shouted.

As the wizard approaching them, she threw the beans to the ground. The beans grew, taller and taller, and when the wizard was about to get them, it wrapped itself to the wizard. The wizard tried to escape but it was no use. The wrapping was too tight. The princess held the fork in her hand and suddenly it turned into a shiny, gleaming sword with diamonds embedded at the hold.

'Wait princess, hear me first, please.' Said the helpless wizard.
'OK, spill it out because after this I'll take you to the dungeon and marry this prince you held as captive.'
'Wait. What? No. I didn't held him as a captive. No way I'd do such a thing. This prince suddenly came to my castle and asked to stay for a couple of days, so I let him be. Then the couple of days came by and it turned months, then it turned years. Being a modest host, I just let him stay for many days he wants. He's free to go whenever he wants, besides, I'm glad you take him with you. He's a boisterous annoying man, really.' The wizard said.
'So, then, why did you chase us?'
'Us? No.. I didn't chasing him. No.. I was chasing you! I'm in love with you at the first sight, you see.. You can take him as you want but you.. you please stay here.'

So, the princess, touched by the words of the wizard, left the annoying, boisterous prince at the castle and held the hand of the wise wizard to her kingdom and married him. The couple lives happily ever after..

-THE END =) -


ceLy. said...

did u came up this story by urself?
hm, brilliant!

Yaya Zamimi said...

hahaha...mmg g2 kn? fairy tales sume pn lives happily ever after...

eDa_sUna said...

unexpected ending....hehehe...but nice story...i like...

A@roN LoCk said...

salwa: tenks ea... haha

yaya n husna: mmg pon. buat stereotype je la... n twist sket kat ending; always makes the trick.

afiq said...

ceh,,tiru citer ak..bleh citer r..

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