Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ask and Answer

Hahaha.. I know.. Long time since I last wrote on this blog. It's just that I'm busy with the housechores (??!!) and managing my brothers. and the Internet connection wasn't so good too. Let's cut the craps and enjoy this post  =)

So, here it goes. I have a little brother who's five and 4-5 years old is the phase when they ask questions about everything, eager to know more and annoys their family. And I have this thing of not answering obvious questions, which the asker already know the answer. And this is not applied only to my brother, but everyone. What I'd do is ignoring them or if lucky enough, a nod or a shake of my head. So when my brother meet me, these are what happened:

Situation 1.

I was watching Glee episode of Rocky Horror where all the cast fell down at the end of the show with him.
'Dia jatuh ke? Laki tu jatuh ke?' he asked. And since he had already saw Finn fell, this question is categorized in those which I'd not answer. I ignored. But he kept on asking me the same answer again and again. 'Dia tadi jatuh ke Angah?' as I was walking to the kitchen. 'Dia jatuh ke Angah?' as I about to enter the room. 'Angah, dia jatuh ke?' as I walking into the toilet. I ignored him all the way down until TWO HOURS later as we were watching the TV. 'Laki tu tadi dlam laptop Angah tu jatuh ke?' Aaarrgghhhh... OK fine. DIA JATUH!

Situation 2.

My mother, him and me were going back to my kampung for a business, and it was late at night. He was too tired for journey home and asked my mother, 'Kenapa kita x tido sini je mak?'. And my mother is like me, likes to ignore questions, so she didn't answer it. He looked at us for a second before talking to himself  (or us) 'Kenapa kita x tido sini je mak? Ayah rindu sgt kat mak ea? Kenapa la Ayah ni rindu sgt kat mak. Adik nak tidur pon x bole....'

Situation 3.

I was walking down to the kitchen and about to make myself a cup of Milo. He followed me and asked 'Boleh buatkan adik susu x? Adik ni haus sgt la... mak x balik lagi'. Just to tease him, I answered 'NO'. Then as always, he looked at me with a puzzled look. 'Kenapanya x nak buatkan susu kat adik, Angah?'
 'xmboh la.. Malas....'
'Oooo... kot2 Angah x buatkan susu sebab susu da abes kot. Betul ke Angah?'
And I tried to ignore that and hold myself from bursting into laugh.
'Mak ni x beli susu utk Adik.. adeiii... Adik da la haus ni...'

Yeah... that's a kid. They are starving for answers to everything. And if they couldn't get it right from people around 'em, they'll make their own. Till then , see ya.

P/S: I'll be going to Nilai this Wednesday, to get the transcript for graduates.




Yaya Zamimi said...

hahahahhah!!! uishhh kala aku sakit ati da kala adik ak tnye sokln g2...

Mrs Salju Kasih said...

Kanak2 nk membesar.they noe nothing n jujur sngt2. Sometimes they talk about unexpected things which is funny and make me laugh even when I’m down.

jgn halang mereka untuk bertanye la.2 tanda otak tgh berkembang.terangkan ape yg ptot.

ceLy. said...

situation 1 tu mmg obvious gile la kan. -_-"
tp yg len2 tu ok la. ko trun rabu ke? ahaha.

ceLy. said...

*asking the obvious*

eDa_SunA said...

normal la bdk2 kadang2 nk gak bg sabo je la~~~

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