Friday, November 12, 2010

Only Those Who'd Understand...

Last Night

My bus ticket shows departure time at 8.00pm and my phone showed 7.30pm. There're not too many people and Pekeliling seemed empty. It dark and rainy too. My bag was huge and unbearable to my shoulder, so I moved to the provided bus stop with roof. There're only 6 people there, if I'm not mistaken. I sat on a cold steel 'bench' beside a Chinese granny. As I about to take a breath of relaxation, I was approached by a man in his 30th maybe. 

Him: Assalamualaikum..
Me: Waalaikumussalam.
Him: Nak balik mana?
Me: Jengka.
Him: Rumah mmg kat Jengka ke?
Me: A'ah.
Him: Family sihat?
Me: Sihat InsyaAllah.

(Seeing this interaction is more to one way, he quiet for a moment. My previous experiences taught me not to trust people easily and I pretty much learned from that)

Him: Abang, maaf la kalau saya tersilap cakap ngan abang ke, tersilap kata, tersilap tanya. Saya mintak maaf sgt. Mcam ni lah, saya ni baru keluar penjara. Keluar tadi saya bawak duit sepuluh ringgt jea. Tambang sampai ke sni, da abes RM2. Saya lapar sangat tadi, saya makan roti canai n air teh, sekarang ni duit saya tinggal RM6 je. Rumah saya kat Raub. Saya ada anak isteri. Dah lama saya x jumpa diorang bang. Tambang ke Raub Rm9. Sekarang ni saya perlukan Rm 3 je. Kalau abang boleh tolong.

(Seeing tears almost broke down in his eyes, I stepped backward and gave him the amount.)

Him: Terima kasih abang, maaf lah kalau saya ada buat salah ngan abang. Saya doakan abg murah rezeki. (He grabbed my hand.)

I dun know if he told the truth or not, but I've done my part and what he's doing with the money is not my problem. It was just RM3 for God sake.

4 Years Ago

I was in Form 4 and studying in Kuantan. It was holiday time and I was about to go back home. Since that I'm a terrible money manager, I dun have much money left and decided to get my scholarship money from the bank for my journey home.

In the BSN of Kuantan Parade, I took my place and my number. Not too long after that, a man approached me and handed me in some cash and a bank book. Not some. It was more than RM2000. 'Tolong bank in kan utk abang, bole?' He asked. 'Ok,' I answered him. He stood up at the back of the bank with his friend as I made the money transition. Suddenly, the NICE clerk said to me,'Adik, ada surat x? Nak keluarkan duit ni kene ada surat.' EH! Since when? I didn't have the letter. 'Surat apa cik?' 'Surat approval dr Pengetua. Klau x de, x bolehlah bawak keluar duit ni' SHIT!!!
'Saya xde surat tu cik, tapi tolonglah. Saya xde duit sgt ni.'
'Maaf lah dik. Akak x bole tolong. NEXT!!'

I was disappointed and worried. SOOO worried. I dun have enough money to go back home and I can't stay here either. What should I do?
Then the brother approached me.
'Da siap ke dik?'
'dah.... ' I handed in the bank receipt to him and was about to cry.
'Bang, mintak pinjam RM50 bole x? Saya nak balik umah ni. xde duit...'
'Eh.. kenapa? tadi x bole bawak kuar ke?'
'X.. Akak tu x bagi.'
Then he took my bank book, receipt and rushed into the bank. I heard him talked loudly with the woman there but coming out empty handed.
'Dia x kasi la dik, puas da abang cakap... Camnilah. Amek duit ni dlu. Umah katne?
'Umah kat Jengka.. '(kesian kan bunyi.. haha)
'Ok. ni amek duit ni, amek no Abg. Kalau ada pape nnt kol la.. ok?'

Seriously, I was about to burst up at this time. There's still those who care. And I've just met him not more than 1 hour.

I dun know you guys, but I've been there. I know how it feels and how I hope someone would help. A little something would make a change in someone's life.


Yaya Zamimi said...

ka ganti blk x duit abg tuh??

A@roN LoCk said...

Ganti la.. mati x ganti.. die kata xyah. tp bg gak la... haha...

eDa_sUna said...

bnd baek, akn d balas baek...

Mrs Salju Kasih said...

seriue tkot didekati banduan.
tp ak puji tindakan kau.
May Allah bless u LuqmanSaidi

~aya~ said...

huh.. tabah sggh..
may ALLAH bLess u 4 ur good deeds towards others.

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