Thursday, November 11, 2010

Of Malay Film

First and foremost, I'm home. Thanks for the tiring 4 hours journey last night, I woke up at 10am this morning. As I was in the monorail, which you know, very crowded, I heard a boy and a girl talked about watching film. And that sentences they were using were pretty much familiar.

Girl: Layan da citer Transporter? I rasa kuar 18 Nov ni.
Boy: Hurm.. I x pernah plak layan citer Transporter uw. Dari start mula kuar sampai abes. (laughing loudly)
Girl: Ceh... Tapi ok la.. Dari Cuti-Cuti Cinta tuh.. ppffffttttt !
Boy: Erk... I x layan la movie Melayu.
Girl: X pernah layan langsung ke?
Boy: X pernah la... x best langsung. Macam sampah!

(And after the last sentence, I decided not to eavesdrop. I might as well punch someone.)

Yes, this thing is abstract, subjective and depends on those who'd want to rate it. but please, don't overgeneralize. I admit there're many Malay movies that are craps, but there're many that are good too.
I don't like nowadays Malay movies as well, but that doesn't mean it isn't good, most of them are box offices. For example, I don't like Bohsia, Remp-It, Impak Maksima and many other Malay movies that are said to be 'action' films. But many of my friends like them and they won many awards too.

I hate something for reasons. For me, that's nothing I could get from these kinda film. Fun, excitement, boosting up your adrenaline? I think I'd get more by watching Hollywood movies.

Morales? Please... The morales smuggled are stereotype and I can get more of it in my daily lives, without having to spent one cent. Moreover, they showed more immoral actions than the morals. Sex, gambling, clubs, social illness.. That is not good. and the way they presented it is like promoting to the public that these things are normal and acceptable, and living as a Mat Rempit is fun. Please, it's more like poison in the society. I wouldn't deny the possibility that many of our teenagers dropped schools and be a Mat Rempit because of the influences from this kinda movies.

'Alah.. poyo lah kau. support la filem Melayu. Sampai  bila nak maju?'
Ok stop right there. I didn't say I don't watch Malay movies at all. I do and I'm proud of some of it. Movies like Papadom, Embun, Mohsin, Jangan Pandang Belakang, Zombie Kampung Pisang, I'm Not Single, and many more are among my favourite. But still, so few.

What we need is a high quality movie that doesn't depend on controversy. What we need are movies that can drive us to live a better life. What we need are movies that are not 'JUAL MUKA'. If we can produce movies like this, then maybe we'll attract more people to go and support our Malay movies. To film producers/ directors, please don't be obsessed with producing a 'Hollywood' movie. Audiences, can get porn easily if they want to watch people make out, not in your movies.


Yaya Zamimi said...

heri poter jom!!! wahahahaha...

ceLy. said...

knela buat skrip bagus. haha

A@roN LoCk said...

yaya: bile kuar? kang aku da masuk gombak kang.. haha

salwee: kau buatla.. haha

afiq macho+ensem said...

citer china gak y plg best..
jepun best gak..
mlayu pn ok gak r..hahahaha

Yaya Zamimi said...

18 nov kua...aku nk g snway pyrmid, tgok dgn hajar..n jgn lpe, ka ad utang wyg dgn hajar...

A@roN LoCk said...

afiq: tgk nama kau bubuh atas tu, nak bunuh diri rase. haha... citer tu mmg best. tgk r sape suh ka tgk.. haha

yaya: 18 Nov tatau lagie la.. da nak raya da. klu lepas tu tatau agie r. 22hb plak bru kuar Transcript. huhu~

Mrs Salju Kasih said...

agree v u!

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