Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Night

Since the death of my grandfather, I could barely sleep tight. I often woke up at 3am dreamed about him. But last night was different. It was not a dream of him that kept me awake. What is it? I don't know. You tell me.

I went for sleep at 11pm. Pretty early for a boy, huh? But the dinner drove me drowsy. At the evening, Hanaphin told me of there's someone knocked on the door the night before, but Fikri told him not to open it. That was the night when I went back home.

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at my handphone, something I always do whenever I wake up. It was 2am and I was still sleepy. Somehow, my head denied my need to sleep so I kept in the awake-sleeping-nirvana like condition for a moment. That was before I heard someone knocked on the door. Trapped in the nirvana, I went for the door, forgot about what have been told by Hanaphin in the evening.

As soon as I opened the door, (I assumed it was Hanaphin 'cause he always do that), I went back to my compartment and lied there with pillows covering my head -my favourite sleeping position. 

Suddenly, my hand which was waving near the locker caught something. It was a cloth and it felt like the fabric used for making tracksuit. Smooth, silk-like. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I tried to move but my body was paralyzed. There's nothing came out from my mouth even I was screaming inside. I tried to read everything I knew but it was useless. Nothing came out and I couldn't see anything. Till then, I decided to stay on 'Allah' only. After many trials, then I was released.

I reached out for my keys and search for my wallet. Lucky enough, nothing was gone. My laptop was there, my wallet too. It took nothing.

This evening, I told Fikri about this and he told me that this kind of accidents have always happened here occasionally. Most of the times, it was the black guys. No I'm not trying to be racist nor prejudice, no Lillahi. But that was what I was told.

What confused me is that if that's really human, why didn't he take anything?
If it wasn't human (mintak jauh), what does it want from me?
If it just a nightmare, it must be really real 'cause I remember the details very well and the fright is still with me till now. 
What is it then? Wallahualam. If you aren't going to believe this, that's ok. I'm just telling you and I got nothing to lose. But I know what I've gone through yesterday, and it might happen to you too.
Pray before you sleep. Shut the window tight and DO NOT OPEN the door when it's 2pm and above. Who knows what's waiting on the other side of the door.

Till then, Wasalam...


Yaya Zamimi said...

one more thing, jgn lupa Al-Mulk stp mlm b4 tido.. Mathurat at least twice a day.. insyaAllah tak diganggu...

ceLy. said...

dn amalkan ucap syahadah sblum tido. ( plus amek wudu' pon bagus jgak)

cik rina said...

bln 12 ari tu ak ad kene ganggu juga. lps tu ak tetibe jd alim skit..haha. (tiap2 mlm ak akn bc al-mulk n as-sajjadah). alhamdulillah, setakat ni tak kene ganggu da. nak bangun subuh pun senang skit...hihi

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