Friday, January 21, 2011

Susah Nak Jadi Baik........

(Read this by qindIy repIacing K with Q. My Iappy is having compIication in producing this Ietter)

As this post written, I've just finished my theatre practice which I personaIIy say wretched. It was me, of course. I've done so many mistaqes and qeep repeating the same aII over again. I actuaIIy pity our mentor, Kak Dil (?) and aIso Afiq who's been very patient in repeating the same Iines aII over again.  Oh yeah, I've been casted as a repented Das who's trying to amend his mistaqes towards his son, who's a rebeI and God qnows what's going on in the sturdy head of his.

Honestly speaqing, this is the first time I honored by such character. OId, qind, and very patient. Maybe this is a big turnover in carving history of my own in this field. Just maybe.

My first roIe in stage art was as a..... MOUSE! Yeah... a mouse. It was a Japanese sketch and I was the chief of aII mouses who heIped an old farmer to become a wealthy man after he gave us Omosubi which is a Japanese round rice. Thanks to Sum Sensei for introducing me to this wonderful world of art. hahaha...

As many years passed by, the number of roles I've done was increasing, rapidIy, I think. But this.... This is different from before. FirstIy, I've to be an oId man. That is superhard! Physically, maybe you can put on some powder, line me with eye-shadow, make me an archaically superficial reflection of an old man. But inside, huarrrggghhh!!!! This is admitted by the mentor herseIf, quoted "Jaga expression muka sebab you're too young to be an old man" . And I honestly think she meant to say "Too cute too". hahahhaha

Secondly, this is a kind, patient, non-yelling-character we're talking about. For all my years in this act, this kinda role is what I feared so much. For one, I like to move around, touches things, hit people, talk vulgar, which I enjoy exceIIently in bad, nasty antagonis. As a dad, I dun get many of this, except the part when I slap Afiq on the face and it feels  GOOOD! haha.... Sorry Afiq, len kali x buat dah.

But it's Ok. It's the time for me to learn something new, something fresh from awesome people. Let's just hope we can do this right and please do come to Main Auditorium this 14th February. Yeah, on the VaIentine Day.

That's aII... TQ. =) 


Anonymous said...

papa sabar yeee..aidil pon rase susah sangat nak jadi baek pa.

cik rina said...

haha...ak tgk ka p0st video kat fb.
go0d luck ea.... =)

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