Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lesson from Fahmy..

By time I'm writing this post, I'm at my uncle's house in Taman Mutiara Gombk now, waiting to go home on Sunday with them.My uncle's  family consists of 5;his wife and him, two daughters and an oldest boy who is 5, Fahmy Aiman.

Fahmy is the kind of  by who's on his age, speaks things out loud without having to think of the consequences. And that's why I dislike most of them, spite their wilderness.

So, he begged me to watch movies which are piling up in my laptop (I love movies) after the lunch. I showed him a couple of movies but he don't want. Then, I opened the How I Met Your Mother folder and showed him the 10th episode, which I'm in marathon to finish it.

After 2 minutes, suddenly he said,'Tak nak la cerita nieh... Nnti Ami malu mcmana..' And I was stunned.

Even the boy at his age knows what it means to be ashamed of looking at a woman's aurat,what about me?
It's not that that series showed much of overrated nudity, but still, he has been educated in that such manner, enough to make me sit by myself, thinking of what I've done in my entire life...



Yaya Zamimi said...

terbaik la fahmy!!

Herda_Husna said...

wahhh..!! solute!! huhu

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