Monday, February 14, 2011

A Fresh New Start

Dear (silent) readers,

                        Waking up yesterday, I woke up a new man. Rachel Berry was right; being part of something great make you feel good about yourself. To many of those who don't know, this wasn't my first time acting on stage. I've been acting since in form 2. But why is it 'Cintaku Milik Siapa' so important to me?

                        After finished SPM, I was still in dilemma and was highly in love with my highschool time. It was perfect. It felt like the world was meant for me. My talent was appreciated, my academic was allright, and my friends and families were supportive. I did directing, coaching, scriptwriting, acting and even make the props. We did Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation Night, Maulidurrasul, Independence Day, just name it. One thing about being in boarding school is we don't get many holiday. So, we celebrate it the best way we know, with our artificial family in the school. It was great.

                     Highschool was over but the feeling got carried away- I missed my friends and crews, I missed the adrenaline boosting up when I was up on the stage, I missed the satisfaction when people come and say 'Hey, the play was great!'.And as hard as I were to admit, it does lowering my self esteem. It took me 2 years and one minor play for me to get over this.

                Cintaku Milik Siapa has helped me turn on the new leaf. It reminiscing me of my highschool days. Suddenly after 1week of tremendous practice and 1 night of glory, the confidence I once lost came back, building up in me on the stage, the adrenaline came boosting up, and I stepped out of the stage as the same man after 2 years.

                  But if there’s anyone who deserves the grandeur and credits, it’s the main board. Dil, Jue, Kluang, Naza, Qila, we owe you guys so much. Even after many problems keep coming in after one and another you managed to pull it through, and we’re sorry if the troubles are from us, the casts. Dil especially, proves us that hardwork, teamwork and torture would bring us an unexpected feedback. With that, they deserve some something-something. They know what I’m talking about. Never has my play had a full-house.

                    Looking back into the night, the true hero was Afiq as Umar. Being a main character is more than just fulfilling the role that has given to you. You have to be the motivator, the counsellor, everything that you have to do to keep the team motivated and hold the team together. The main role also means that you have to be the intermediary between the casts and the main board. And Afiq has done it just great. I couldn’t be more proud of him being my friend than I’m now. Congrate Afiq.

                Also, one thing that I learnt from this theatre is that friendship has no border and knows no tired. I was so surprised and amazed by the cooperation from the Law students who are the majority in this team. My amusement grew bigger when they said that most of them are just on-the-spot guys. They did it because of their friends. Even so, their commitments were immense. Maybe this is something that BENL students can apply in our community. But seriously, thanks for coming up and see us performed. This means so much to me. Maybe one day we’ll do something as great as that among us?

The boys.


PaPa's wives wannabes.


               Thanks guys for giving me this opportunity and experience. You guys have helped me regained my honour and confidence, things that I once lost. I’ll try my best to join you this Friday. I owe you at least that much. I love this untied family bonding. See you soon, and if we do, please say ‘Hi’. A little chit chat would be nice.

Till then, TQ. =)


Am said...

i like this.. =)

Nik Nazarina said...

so sweeeetttt!!! noe how it feels, papa.. but at least u took only couple of years to regain d strength u had once in high skool.. i took 5 years to get it back.. Alhamdulillah...


~aya~ said...

cOngratZ Luqman !!
hOpe 2 c mOre of ur hiDDen taLent in the fUtUre ~

mariahariffin said...

X dak gmb sy & rakan-rakan pon :(
& sy pasti. Papa ada bakat yg sgt ketara ! audiens pon setuju ! teruskan berlakon yer... nnt dah feymes jgn lupe sy ! :D

~Saya Buncit~ said...

papa!!! u rock!!

aidil said...

for all the time spent for practicing, it was worth to watch u delivered it superbly well.

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