Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Farewell, Teater Cintaku Milik Siapa...

Dear blog,

Before I proceed with anything, let me just congratulate Teater Cintaku Milik Siapa (TCMS) casts and crew, and not forgotten the main board for the success of this theatre. For your information, since this team performed at IIUM, it has received a very warm welcome to UKM, under ILUVISLAM. Sure enough, the job was well accepted by the audiences and we got 2 more offers to perform at MMU (Malacca) and in a major event in Stadium Melawati, most probably sharing stage with Muslim teen icon, Maher Zain. And I'm very sure that you guys could repeat the epic performances even without me.

It is hard to me to let this golden opportunity go. It even struck me when a friend asked if I really have the passion to this theatre. Of course I do. I've helped this theatre to rise, even with my dimmed, dull performance. I've been with you for more than a month now, and you are the closest thing I had to a family in IIUM. Theatre has always been my passion, always. And to perform with you guys again is my honor, one that I'll always appreciate.

But things aren't always as we expected. That's the rule of life. I really think I couldn't do this anymore, it's not just a mere matter of want.

So, the plan is that I'm gonna be a GSTT (Guru Sandaran Tak Terlatih) alongside with my big brother, somewhere nearby our village so that we can take care of my grandmother and a down-syndromed auntie. Things have been hard for me since my grandfather died at the early of this years. I couldn't get home very often, and I missing them every second of my time in IIUM. I've already missed out the chance to take care of my grandfather when he was ill... I couldn't bear losing this one. The last thing I remember talking to my grandpa was when I disappointed him after he asked me to take care of him at the hospital. That night, all I was thinking was I have a class the next day, and to return back early. One week after that, I got a crackling phone call saying he's heavily ill. And I had to pay that by waking up late in the silent night almost everyday thinking of him, sometimes my tears just purl down unrequested. So, I'd like to be given another chance to make things right with my grandma and auntie.

Fellow casts and crews of CMS, I'm very sorry I couldn't participate in this play anymore. Please don't judge me not loving you guys or what. Our moments will always be with me, unfaded. Hopefully we'll meet again later, if not in another play, and please don't let this come between us. I'm sure you can find my replacement, who'll be a better Papa to Umar, and not wasting time quarelling with Kluang and Bob.

Fatin, I'm sorry....

Till then, farewell. 


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