Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hedgehogs Hedgehogs Hedgehogs YEAAAAHHH!!

Assalamualaikum and greetings to you, readers of this wretched blog.

Yeah I know.. This blog is 'live shy, die don't want'. In fact, I've only posted 7 entries since I entered IIUM. I'm a busy man, really (?), with theatre, studies, girlfriends (??), stuffs, and worse, FINAL EXAM.

yeah.. I know.

But being a brad pitt like me, this doesn't stop me from wandering, loafing around with my friends. So, yesterday, when we went out for celebrating Nazrin Kuyen's belated birthday, I went into a pet shop and couldn't help myself noticing a thorny, tiny little ball the size of my palm, curling himself at a corner of a container. It read 'Hedgehogs, Rm265'.

Love at the first sight they said

That evening, despite the exhaustion, aching of the whole body, my eyes refused to close as it always do. I kept thinking about this thorny ball. I want it!! SO BAD!!

I'm that kinda person who if he wants things, wants it badly. This is also agreed by mother. But, don't put a label on me, okay. No 'spoilt brad' and such things yg seangkatan dengannya. You've not met my younger brother yet. Why? I'll tell you in my future-not-yet-shaped-post. Besides, having 7 brothers wont possibly make you a spoilt one, isn't?

I did a little research on this animal, founding despites its name, it has NO relation at  all to pigs/ swine/ boar/ babi, whatever you're calling it. It just sounds like one, so putting itself in the same case as guinea pigs (bad things for them, right? being cursed every single day of their short life). Even so, domestics hedgehog is worse, as it lives longer than guinea pigs (4-7 years). =.="

Hedgehogs eat almost everything, omnivorous. Therefore, easier feeding. Its main dishes are slugs, snails, insects, berries, grass roots, toads, snakes, earthworms, EVERYTHING. You got it right? Hedgehogs are a powerful natural pest controls. In UK, they keep luring hedgehogs to the garden, getting rid of tiny, yet concerned pests, and also snakes (they have natural immunity towards snakes's venom).
GREAT ISN'T IT??!! It could be my bodyguard as well, hunting the mean cockroaches in my room.

Keeping a hedgehog is easy, commented by many keepers. It lacks of natural predators. When it feels threatened, it'll immediately roll into a thorny ball, scaring the predators away. You surely don't want prickling ball in your mouth, do you? But, usually it is the final means. They'd flee first.

Hedgehogs can also swim, funny, very friendly, though they active at night. Lousy eater, nocturnal, it does sound familiar, isn't? hahaha...

I've been searching for its supplier, hopefully for reasonable price on online pet stores and personal keeper. I've found one for Rm80 per 2-months-old baby. The usual prices ranges from Rm100-200, some reaches until Rm300.

Adorable, right? Yes, I think so too. Pray a lot for me, yeah. Hopefully SHE would consider on giving me this for my birthday. =))
However, if there's anyone out there who're generous n kind enough to buy this for me, 'small the palm, cistern I show you'. 



afiq said...

so,,bg r ak hadiah ni..hehehehe

~aya~ said...

comeynye !!

Anonymous said...

awat rambut han x mcm dia????haha

ily aQilah said...

mna port murah2 jual hedgehog..tau x??

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