Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letter to Yaya (Guide for Newbie Hedgehog Owner Part-One)

Dear Yaya,

 I know I didn't write a lot in here,and I know you don't even care, but here are the things I want you to listen carefully and take a note, ok? A'ite. First of all, the hedgehog I'm giving you is Joey. Joey is what I'd say crazy or hyperactive. If he's a boy, he'd climb up unto KLCC and jump headfirst to the ground. If he's a girl, he'd take 3 days shopping spree, talk unstoppable and complain a lot especially when waiter give him blue napkin instead of red, and yes, I hate that! It's okay if you don't understand what I'm blabbering here. First stanza isn't important at all.

Now, Joey, unlike my two other hedgehog, is a hardwork. He eats a lot, plays much, and could be very annoying to my other two. That's why I'm giving you him. 'Cause you're sort of the girl who like action and adventure, I'm sure you'll be a good owner to him. Okay, here are the things you might want to take a note.


Hedgehog's cage should be wide enough for him, of course, and the bottom part should be fully covered. This is because hedgehog is an excellent climber, and when he goes to poo poo, he'd like to do it on the corner. In this case, rabbit or guinea pig's cage isn't suitable. Joey's leg might stuck in the hollowed floor, and his poo poo will be scattered outside. U might have to clean that up. I'm suggesting fully enclosed cage like an aquarium, or plastic bottomed cage like this:

or simply something like this

But, u have to make sure that there's enough space for him, and his toys.


Now, the tricky part. Let's just cut this short, ok? I'm recommending Friskies's Gourmet for cats for Joey. That's what I've been feeding him now. Why Friskies Gourmet? 'Cause it's smaller,and softer than Whiskas (which is the only cat food available at my place). 

If u're intended to chage its menu, then do it slowly. U can mix the old menu to the new one, and increase its quantity daily. If not, he might suffer from diarrhea and tummy ache. Weekly feast may also include some vege and fruits such as carrots, grapes, or potato. He'd like them. U can also feed him mealworms, which can be found at aquarium shops.


Ok, this is the part where you supposed be relieved cause  hedgehog don't need much toys. In fact, the most expensive toy would be the wheel. It might be up to Rm100 each. BUT, take a deep breath, I know one man who sells it at RM25. YAY!! It looks like this:

Don't waste your time looking it up on Mudah.my. It isn't there.

Besides wheel, they enjoy playing with the tissue rolls, take a look at James and Joey. =)

They even fight for the tube.

You can add more toys to him, and he'll play with it. I once give him a ping-pong ball, and he likes it very much, pushing it around his brother, and that ended up in fight. Also, U can give him chew toys like the cat's. He love to bite and gnaw, so that might help.


As many of those who protest using pine bedding, experienced owners don't seem like having problem in that issue. Some say pine bedding are poisonous, but this is not proven. However, there are some alternatives to pine bedding, such as newspaper shreds, pellet bedding, etc. FYI, bedding tu benda serbuk kayu yg diletakkan kat bwh tu, Apa2 je lah. dah la aku ni hensem sgt.

Ok then, it's all for now. We'll see more in the 2nd part. =)


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