Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friendship VS Love

These things have been a major conflict in me for a very,very long time. Funny though, after hurts and triumphs, no one among these two come up to be the winner. I don't really have a bestfriend, nor a lover. Why? I'll tell you why.

Read carefully what I've written, and try to relate to your life. You met a person, you feel good being with him/her. You're comfortable around him/her, keep texting each other to the very last details, you have a feeling though undecidedly whether it is just a friendship or love. You lost in contact or decided to wait and see what happened next without doing anything, and then you stop trying, and you drift further away from one another, and suddenly all those texting, missing, adoring become awkwardly strange. You meet a new person and this happens again and again. Now, this is my 1st reason.

Secondly, friendship and love has always, always been a rival to one another. How do I put this...? Hurm... Lets say he/she is undefinately awesome, and single (my friends are always single when I first know them),I feel comfortable around him/her, and I trusted him/her. In fact, the bonding itself built of trust...

Then out of the blue, he/she falls back in line, finding her/himself with someone they like, and everything else after that is history.

You know you need to back off when they started to choose their crush over you. You have been with him/her for a long time, going from the river deep to mountain high, the suddenly there's this prince charming come by, sweeping up your friend, leaving you numbed and shocked behind while they're sailing to Wonderland. How you could not being hurt by that?

Well yeah, being a friend, encouraging them to find their happiness, that's what you do. But deep in your heart, you need to know this means you're no longer will be their priority. Suddenly this guy/girl who appear just for a brief become your friend's bestfriend, and you're just another bag he/she left behind.

To be honest, I do not blame them. It's natural. It's what love do. It drives you deaf and blind, numb and dumb. It's perfectly okay. I mean, you can't honestly believe I can fight over love, can I? It's human's most primal instinct. So, the best way is to step back on this one, hurt a little bit, and get over it. Though watching from afar, looking at them while saying 'Goodluck, my friend. I love you.' can be very very sad. That's just what you have to do, as a friend.

Just want you to know that I'm stepping down, because I love you, and what we did together are legendary.


amiey.N said...

couldnt agree more. but it also hurts to see how he/she doesnt appreciate what u did to save the friendship. wtv it is, i believe in karma, but i dont pray for the karma to happen to that particular person.positive :)

Eric said...

Hey ! seriously a nice post here ! like it a lot ! following you

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