Monday, November 21, 2011

Life is A Big Fat Drama: Funk

I dun know what happened to me lately. I've been perpertually angry, constantly feeling like yelling at people the whole time? Last Sunday I scolded a McD receptionist, after yelling at Celcom operator when they changed my Celcom plan from UOX to normal XPAC.

I know it was wrong. But undeniably, it does feel good afterwards. Maybe after having too much to conceive, I finally let go of the Sue Sylvester in me, except rather than wearing incredibly unchanging sportswear,I let this one go naked and primal. I felt embarassed but at the same time relieved.

I dun think I can get out much in here. I mean, expressing your emotion in writing does feel great, especially when the things you're writing are words you can't verbally discharge, but I rather talk to someone in person. Better yet, I'm gonna call him now. If you have any idea to help me, leave it in the comment box, or message me, FB, phone, I dun mind. Just don't tell me I have to go to therapist.

P/S: Last night I dreamed of my crush is 41-years-old and have 2 children already. Shoot.

Okay people, now get out of here, and get a life. 
Thanks for reading. TQ. =)


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