Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Lies Ahead?

Have you ever wondered sometimes? What's the path you're taking will lead to?  Is it clear enough that you can see right through it? Or is it still fogged with confusion and dilemma of what people expecting you to do and what your true interest in? Robert Frost helped us with 'The Road Not Taken', showing us of what it might be if we took the other path instead of what you're doing right now.

As an English Major, I'm looking forward to something artsy. If you're a regular reader, then you might know what I'm involve with in UIA. I'm practically bonded with theater, plays and stage show. But never intended to earn my living with showbiz world. I'm not a 'retis'. The dream of showbiz world is unlikely the most promising ones. In fact, it's the most unrealistic one. Also, my family wouldn't like it much. Yes, my passion is there, but I'm not gonna do it.

Often people ask me, what would an English Major end up after their graduation? The answer is so many. But for those who're in villages, who don't get too much exposition, I'll just say "Kuar nanti jadi cikgu la. Mengajar." End of story. If I say "Oh I dun know. Maybe a forensic linguist? Or corporate trainers? Lexicographers? Speech-analyzer? Hurm.. I think I'm just gonna settle down with translator, rated about RM0.50 per words. That'll do." Then their jaws will drop and "What?". Then I'll have to explain more.

The art of fate is so deliberate. Some are born with silver spoon in their mouth and ended up sweeping the roadside. Some started out with nothing now own a cosmetics empire (Hello Sosilawati!). An uncle of mine who's a biotechnology Master graduate is now doing financial, investment and venture capital thingy , and couldn't complain less about it. Another uncle, who's an applied science graduate quitted his job and now
opens a photography shop, teaching other people about it. My former director, an English Major graduate now works as sales executive. My point is, the courses you're taking is a preparation to the real world. Real world begins after your graduation.

Personally I believe that you should do what you'd like to do, and what you're good at. Can't be more specifics than that. But granted, you can't always get what you want. sometimes, life's good at playing tricks. But till that, you just have to be patient, and live with it.

What is it for me? Well I have my life planned ahead good enough for me. Now I'm doing some translations for websites for free. Yes, for free. I'm doing it for experience, just until I'm calibrate enough to do a paid job. Then, I'll be doing some travel and venture journalism independence till I graduate. By the time I finish my degree, I'll be qualified to do both translations and journalism. That'll be enough for my part time job upon continuing my Master. Then it'll be a full time career, and I'll be travelling everywhere, and with God's willing, I'm taking my mother with me. Marriage? Life partner? That can wait.

Then, by the time I'm 50 or something like that, I'll be teaching at local universities to earn my living. Be close to my family, helping with theater and stuffs, and that'll be it.

This is just one of my plans, the one I'm working on. InsyaAllah I'll achieve it someday. Pray for me.. Amin...


amiey.N said...

such an awesome plan there aaron. may Allah fulfill ur dreams :)

cikfaathassan said...

yeah, i hope all your dreams come true. and true that, life partner can wait.

Yaya Zamimi said...

in sha Allah :D

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