Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life is A Big Fat Drama: Tartuffe

It is ironic, isn't? The things you study in a class involved so much in your personal life. Yes, it does sounds comical but believe me, none of these are made up. I sometimes hope so too, that this is just a dream where I can wake up from suddenly when it's too much to bear. But no. It's not like that. At least not for now.

If life really is a big fat drama, I'd prefer Tim Burton to direct mine. I'll be in a magical land, and a happy ending is a promise. Or Craig Thomas and Carter Bay, one story ends in one episode. But no. My life isn't directed by these people. I am directing my life, and I've done a pretty bang up job so far. Though it's not, 100% not my fault.

I'd care to tell these whole problem to one person, one in particular. And to all of you who think I'm matter enough for you to care about, yes, but family business is strictly off the net. All I can say is, read Tartuffe, and you'd have idea of what I'm talking about. For those airhead who don't bother to read, or say they read, but actually just got the synopsis, let me fill you in.

Tartuffe is a French play about how a stranger can cause so much trouble into a family that adopted him, masked by his pretentious pious, modelling character, who revealed to be an evil greedy notorious hog.

One who I, we trusted so much, betrayed us in the end. I remember those hands, they feed me when I was a little boy. Now, they took things that are supposed to be us. What you give, you get back, they say. But you take them way too much. May be those pills and drinks and worldly pleasures have numbed your senses of judgement, senses of humanity. I don't know.. None of you are what you're used to be.

Frankly speaking, I want nothing else but to retrieve what you've taken, and you back into our little coven. Come back to where you belong. Come back home.


Afiq Fisal said...

hahahaha..jadi lah batman ke,,bleh revegne dgn pnoh stylo..hahaha
sabar lah..hariny akn datang. . .

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