Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Forever Alone? That's Awesome!!

What you call pathetic, I call inspirational. You might remember, in your high school, girls always go anywhere together in'flocks', even to toilet, and when you enrolled in University you would see guys in their gang, girls in their cliques (different ones), go anywhere practically together, eat together, do things together. Well, I'm not that type.

For me, Forever Alone Guy (that's what you call him, right?) is highly independent, and that's what makes a guy, a guy. Won't be much of a guy if you're dependent, would it? 

Don't misunderstand me as an anti-social, I'm very much socially healthy, I might say. It's just I don't like doing all the things with the same people, over and over again. Kinda boring. That's why I participated in a many activities, formal or informal, to continuosly making new friends. 

It freaks me out when I'm getting close to a girl/boy and they started asking my whereabouts, what am I doing and when to get back home. If I'm to answer those, I'll tell it to my mom, or in other case, get a girlfriend. But, relationship can wait for now. In fact, I'll freak out when get asked those questions.

The idea of having a bestfriend is fun, and very much convenient, I'd say? You have someone to take care of you, and accompany you everywhere you go. But it does not seems realistic to me. Sure, it's fun, but I'd like to keep something mystery of me, and you can't do that when you have a friend by your side 24/7, can you?

But, I'm the best in long-distant relationship. I can keep the mysterious thing going as well as having someone  you know there when to turn to. 

This is maybe the valid(est) reason why I chose to be with roommates who are not my classmates. =) 


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