Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is A Big Fat Drama: McD yang Bodoh dan Celcom yang Bangang.

OK, maybe the title it a little bit unfair. It should read 'Receptionist McD yang Kerbau dan Operator Celcom yang Lembu'. Might be a little bit harsh, but yeah, it suits them right.

I've received a message last week from Celcom, addressing that I should go to Celcom Center to verify my registration. I asked my other friends, no one has the same problem as I do. So, I ignored it for quite a while. I am busy on weekdays, and on weekends, Celcom Centers are closed (probably).

So, I checked on Celcom's site for nearby Celcom Centers, and I chose to go to KL Sentral, as it stated there that they open from Mon-Sun from 10am-9pm.

I went there at 10-ish and arrived quite early. As I went into the shop, they said that they're just an authorised dealer, and can't solve my problem. So, I thanked them and walked away. Then, I called Celcom service asking about this. You see, when I'm confused, I ask a lot of questions to clear that up, so we're in the same page.

I asked questions like:

'My other friends don't have the same problem though they're also using UOX. Why?'
She replied: 'Oh, maybe they don't get the message. They should've.' 
'If I don't settle this today, can I get it done after the due date?'
Answer: 'You see, sir. We've set the period for the registration. If you don't get it done, then we assume that you have no interest to proceed with our package.'
'I already did the registration in IIUM, when your team held a promotion. Why should I do it again?'
Answer: Honestly, I dun remember what she said for this, but I remember she was rising her tone.

Come on, I'm the customer here, and I'm not blaming her. I was just asking for answers, something to clear up the haze. Tetiba nak marah aku plak! Mahu x naek hangin!! Orang ckp baek2, kau marah2 plak. Gelabah tetek la kau minah. Aku bubuh tang tu jugak. Apa aku cakap pun da x igt... *Tips marah: Jangan bagi dia berpeluang utk bersuara. Bubuh je cukup2. Pastu da xde isi nak ckp, matikan hp.

Then, I went to the book fair, read a little bit. X boleh beli, ngah sengkek. Tunggu kul 12pm, then headed to McD.

At the McD, the receptionist is an Indian woman. I ordered 3 BigMac McValue Lunch, 2 large and 1Medium. I got my things, and ready to leave, when I asked her for another cheesy flavored powder (Idk what it is called). She hardly even looked at me, but I insisted to stay and asked again and again. A woman behind me, a kind woman she is, a Caucasian, sounded her, 'You know, you should learn some manners dealing with the customers. You're really rude!'. She got her orders, I don't get mine, but I was satisfied.

I had been there, on the other side of the counter, and I'm telling you, it wasn't an easy task, but there's no excuse for you to unleash your fury to the customers. Customers have rights, give them. My word of advice when dealing with rude people like this, SAY IT TO THEIR FACE. Serve them right.


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Payah keje2 layan customer.kene bnyk saba.klo x saba cmtula jadinye.

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