Saturday, July 17, 2010

Aaron is back

1) Sorry for not being able to update this blog for such a long time.

2) I'm having my mid term examination now, so i'm quite busy.

3) have just finished my oral com presentation about Xenotransplantation. 
(thank God madam Aziemah and my fellow classmates liked it)

4) Having a sort of complication with a particular person. 
(not my favourite and don't wanna talk about it)

5)Yaya Zamimi had just 'renovate' my blog with new templates.
(thank you!!)

6) I'm ready to update this blog with lost of new posts!!!


Yaya said...

hahahahaha...u r most welcome!! ((:

aaron said...

nantikan yg mlm ni pulak yek.

Anonymous said...

mu igt mu eron aziz ko??? bajet ni...prase jah lebih..

A@roN LoCk said...

haha... tenkiu2. appreciate it.

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