Monday, July 5, 2010

Say Hi

I'm a very forgetful person. Sometimes it's good because it makes me a quick recoverer as I can forget people and what they did bad to me very easily. But sometimes it's very burdening. I keep on losing my things and stuffs.

When I was a little boy (still am), I had this neighbor kid who was two years older than me. His name is Khaidir and he has a cute little sister named Nora.He also had a great grandma whose name I forgot. =P

Being the only kid in my grandparent's house, I was very lonely. My grandparents who are both involved in business were very busy, days and nights. My youngest uncle back then was 6 years older than me and we didn't play much.

Everyday after got back from school, Khaidir would go to my house and pick me up for strolls around the village. We spent most of the time fooling around, teasing cows and goats, playing hide and seek with other kids, and other things that village kids do. Khaidir is the most important person in my youngest days, I would say. He taught me how to fish, climb up trees and to hide in places people would never expect. My favourite part was when he took me to his house. I rarely went into his house, though. I love to spent my time with his grandma and have a tea in my favourite old tiny cup. 'this was a gift from a Japanese', she always says. Then she would tell me wonderful tales which I miss till these days.

In the end of the day, when sending me home, he would pat me on my head and says 'great day, huh? we'll play again tomorrow'. And he was always being true to his word. He'd come again the next day.

Until one day, after the death of his grandma, they decided to move. i didn't knew where to, but i knew that we could never spend our days together again. and that was the last time i ever saw Khaidir.

Years after that, I got to stay with my family in Bandar Jengka. On one morning, somewhen after SPM, my mother asked me to go to shop to buy some groceries.

As I arrived at the counter, I noticed that the guy in front keep on looking at me. It didn't really bother me, i'm used to that. haha.....

'Luqman, rite? Grandson of Tok Rasyid?', he said.

'Ermm.. yes. i'm Luqman. Grandson of Tok Rasyid', I replied with a smile.

'Haha.. do you remember me?' he asked me back.

'Ermm.. sorry, i don't. have we ever met before?' I answered him sincerely. and stupidly.

'Err.. really? u don't know me?' he said.

And as I always get that kinda question everytime I went to the mosque to perform Jumaat prayers, I answered him abruptly. ' Actually,NO.' I said. Then he turned back and picked up his things from the counter.

I really felt bad about it, but what can I do? I just can't pretend to know someone when I'm not.

As soon as he paid for his stuffs, he looked at me again, but this time, his right hand was right on my head. He patted me slowly and said, 'great day, huh?' and ended it with a smile.

That was when I noticed something was different. For all these while I've been longing to hear that voice again. I was stunned and he was gone.

On the way back home, I kept on thinking of who he was but I just can't. I was really disappointed. Just if i say 'yes, of course, i do know you', everything would be different.

After taking a long nap in the afternoon then I knew who he was. But he was so different. That skinny little boy has somehow became a matured looking guy.

That very night I asked my mom about his family and to my surprise, they moved just to Bandar Jengka. I have no idea. The next day, I asked my mom to show me his house and she did.

Now I know his home, what it takes more is just the gut to knock on the door and say 'hi'. but that's what lack in me now. Sometimes when I passed by his house, I'd saw his gorgeous sister Nora watering the flowers. Oh how I wish I have the courage to say that little word 'HI'.


Chin said...

tahu kau masih small boy wahaha

A@roN LoCk said...

sibuk lah chin!!!!!

afiq kl said...

chin lagi la small boy

A@roN LoCk said...

small la sgt!!! haha hantu galah!

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