Saturday, July 3, 2010


this is not what i usually do but, uh,
i was tagged by a beauty named Annaliese,
so here it goes.

1.What is on my mind right now?
uh.. as a CFSIIUM student, i'm pretty sure it's all about our ALLOWANCE.
i'm getting bored of false alarm and wishful thought.
moreover, the date with Syahrul and Nurudin tomorrow is only ON if i got my allowance.

2. What's your nickname?

AaRon for sure. its the name PLKN mates and IIUM collegues known me of.
but let's the history behind it circulates around the Mercurian only, ok? =)

3. Name 3 of your beloved people...

ermm.. this is hard. no offense but here it goes:
1. Fatimah binti Mohd Ali (my mother)
2. Mohd Saidi bin Abd Rashid (father, huh!)
3. Syahrul, Afiq, Nurudin, Yaya, Mizy. Abby
(i've decided to do this in a bunch as i love them all just the same)
as for the others, i still love u but there's limit applied on this tag. =)

4. What do you call your lover?

Allah S.W.T. He got 99 names but i prefer calling Him with this.
He's there when i need support the most, understanding, and breaths me to this world. literally. how could i love anyone else?

5. What do you want from someone special?

Erm.. nothing have i ever wanted more than a healthy, long-term relationship.
loyalty and trust would be enough above all.

6. Which blog i love to visit?

let see... i stay on9 quite half a day if i dun have classes so, i'll visit whatever appears on my home. but what i love most are Yaya Zamimi's and Faridzul Asyraf's.

7. Please tag this to 15 followers.

IT'S PAYBACK TIME.... so i'll tag on Yaya Zamimi, Dzatil Awanis, Arnis, Fatin Fatah, Zaza, Nafisha Fisha, Cik Rina, Nirzan Putra, and Syarafina .hoho.... let see how they have it their way.. muahahahhahahahaa
(sorry i dun have enough.. =P)

so, there is it rite?? i did it didn't i? hoho..
this is my first time and all..
guess i didn't screw any part of it though. haha..
ok2. please enjoy your reading.


naghiza said...
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joegrimjow said...

ada namaku disitu

A@roN LoCk said...

haha.. da ade nama sila la balas tag ini ya. hoho

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