Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodbye Nilai .........(hopefully)

When I was offered to pursue my studies in English courses at IIUM, I was thrilled. It was my first choice and I wanted it so much. I even denied my parent's and uncle's decision to pursue in Sciences path, not my interest. Even though most of my friends are pursuing their studies in many sciences field, I stick on my own decision.Yes, I was from science-based school but the bad decision I made on following the others when in form 4 made me realized that following your interest and instinct is above all. It made you like what you're studying and thus scoring more marks on them.

The Nightmare begins..

But my dream of  studying in condusive, fully-equipped atmosphere with my fellow friends from INTEK was crushed into pieces unto the ground, stepped and spitted on when I knew that English students were going to study in Nilai branch instead of PJ. I was broken-hearted. And it even worse when I set my foot on Nilai itself. I was like 'What is this place?'. I was stupefied wondering how am I going to study in this place? Many questions started to wonder in my mind. How are they to ensure the safety of students here? They don't even got the gate set-up. The environment is not at all have the specifications of what they call 'condusive'. But I managed to survive 'happily' there at the beginning.

Things got worse for me when Shahir and Afiq Bintat moved to PJ. What the heck? I was jealous actually. I was jealous of people in PJ. Even though my friends kept on saying that Nilai is better that Pj, I'd say it just in term of the freedom. I'd watched many people strayed away because of the given freedom and I don't really need that. Poeple in PJ have what I've always wanted. Sense of being controlled reminds me a lot of the feeling when I'm in school. Something that I'd missed for so long. 

Acap, me, Shahir and Afiq. These guys are like brothers to me.

Sometimes I wondered, why does God make me like this? Why does He sent me to this wrecked place?
I was ignorant in that time, blind of what He actually want me to see. Not within everything he sends just the worst. He sends things in packages. It depends on us to see where the good part and the bad parts are and to take action of what it is.

It took me until the 3rd sem to realize that He sent me to Nilai to meet these awesome people..

Abe and me... he's an IRK student.

Nabil. An HS pursuer who left me in the 3rd Sem to go to Gombak.

Saifuddin Samtaj. BAR student. Hilarious one. haha

Poji Bruno. Agak ridiculous... Wait I'll show you his twin.

Daus. An Indonesian-looking boy whose dream is being a Korean pop-star.

Irfan or Abg Bulu I like to call him.

Am.. even for a moment. but you're memorial.

My Dormates in Sem 1 & 2

And also these people...

Nik Jude, Rompie who always makes my day and Patahnye Picagari.. haha

Driver of the Dorm: Pali 

The Eldest (Sulong)



Aimaan and the messy me...

Few of my classmates, Kamarul Zaman, and Ana Farhana..

There're a lot of others who I dun have the pics with me now.. 
But thanks guys, you made me realize that it is worth to remember something from Nilai.

The End   =) 

Waitt!!!! here's another pic, the one I promised earlier...

Poji's saudara, Yuwa. Just something to make up your day. hehe..

P/S: New layout.. thanx to Yaya Zamimi (of course). 

THE END (Real one!) =)


ceLy. said...

haha. nilai is not that bad act. :)

Anonymous said...

barua...gambo aku xdok la cibai...heheheh

Yaya Zamimi said...

xle da r aku g Nilai nex sem..nk mkn eskem ag....

A@roN LoCk said...

Cely: you think so? great...

Anonymous: siapakah anda saya x tau.. nama please..

yaya: nnt gi ngan Mizy ea..

Ftn Fth said...

did something happen to Am?
aku x kenal pun tapi curious pasal 'memorial'(?)

btw, aku benci Nilai. suka duk PJ lagi.
akidah terjaga sikit. duk Nilai slalu lagha. ;/

A@roN LoCk said...

dia pindah maktab.. InsyaAllah xde pape jadi..

I agree with u on the point above. Totally right.

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