Saturday, October 16, 2010

If I had a Driving License

If I had a driving license....

1. Holiday wouldn't be this boring.
2. I would go to K.Pilah with Afiq anytime.
3. I would be the one who's driving my mom to Perak now.
4. Everyday I would go to my desired places.
5. My parent would make a noise every morning asking to send my brothers to the school.
6. I would not sit in front of this laptop 24/7.
7. I would be at Kelantan now enjoying picnic with my friends there!
8. I would be able to attend Mrs.Zarina's convocation this Wednesday.
9. I would not spend this holiday by sleeping on bed most of the time.
10. I would not burden my mother by buying food for me every morning.
11. I would enjoy KFC at the town right now.
12. I would go to Amin's house and lepaking.

but... If I had a driving license...

13. My brother would laugh at me.
14. Many parents would lost their children or if lucky enough, survived but with major injuries.
15. Hospitals would be filled with patients from accidents.
16. My father would have to spend most of his money bailing me out of jail.
17. I would experience living in prison.
18. My car would have a custom services due to overdrives.
19. I would spend more money than I ever did on travelling cost.
20. My father would broke.
21. Might even sell his own car.
22. Screaming would be usual for me.
23. Traffic jam would occur in Jengka. (Finally)

THESE ARE BECAUSE I'M A LOUSY MAN........................
(luckily I dun have a driving license)


Syafiq said...

Ahahaha ::: I love this :: thats why i never use my LICENSE EVEN MY CAR !!! Ahahahaha

Yaya Zamimi said...

hohoho.. susa la xde drving license lukman....

eDa_sUna said...

bio ben0 y0p kau xd lg lesen kete..hahaha
ak yg glabah ni pon d..hehehe...
ha cpt2 amek...

Fadhilah Asari said...

haha JPJ kene bace ni

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