Sunday, November 21, 2010

Real Live Ong-Bak !

Last night, as I were finishing dinner, my uncle came to me with his wife and his older son.
'Would you like to go to Tomoi (Thai boxing) with us?'

Ok stop right there. I've never been in a Tomoi fight before. My father wouldn't allow me to go even we watch WWF/WWE very often. And the fight are always being held in Bandar Jengka. In most tournament, the winner would get RM600 and the loser would get RM300. So, either way, everyone would get the money. What puzzled me was that what drives these men to fight over such amount? I mean, not that this amount seems little to me, but imagine if someone kicks you at the ribs or the kidney and broke it, it would cost you more than RM600 right? Puzzled by this, I've decided to give it a try. And like me, this was the first time for my aunt too.

We sneaked out silently because the house were full that night and we didn't want to catch the attention. And my aunt drove excellently to Bandar Jengka.

The First Fight

It was rumoured that the contestant would be our villager. They were saying this name Mat Jepun, Mat Jepun and I had no idea who he is actually. But I noticed that there were a lot of people from my village were there. Some even had their babies with 'em. Many of the audiences couldn't get the chair so they were just standing behind. 

The contestants step in and there he was, in the blue gloves, Mat Jepun. Yeah hell he is. I knew him. He was chewing something, which my cousin said it was sireh. The opponent was a tougher guy, from Penjara Penor. The MC said that he is the prison's warden. Doesn't sound too good for Mat Jepun, heh? haha..

Then Mat Jepun started to 'dance' or as I saw,more to stretching around the ring as his opponent sitting quietly at the edge.They were wearing something on their head that looks like this:

The game started and after 3 rounds of punches and kicks (it supposed to be 5 rounds) , Mat Jepun surrended!! 

My aunt couldn't watch the fight at all. She kept pulling my shirt, slapping her son and closing her eyes. My villagers were extremely thrilled. I have to admit. It did rising up my adrenaline.

The Second Fight

The second fight was between two veteran contestants . These guys are famous of their winnings and have been in the field for many years, but get this, even when they were in many tournament together, they've never met. So, that night was the night to decide who is the true champion and who's not. 

The rain started to pour heavily unto us. The crowd were running here and there, searching for places to get covered. Chairs were scattered everywhere, no one even seems to want it then. As the audiences get crazier, so did the contestants. The fight was pretty tense. What am I saying? It was insane ! Though they were veterans, but their punches were not expired yet! They lasted to the last round and get themselves a draw.

Though it was raining cats and dogs, and we're shivering in cold with wet clothes, but the moment was too precious to be given up over some pouring water, so we stayed and enjoy watching the fight in the middle of the chaos and yells.

The Third Fight

This was the funniest fight of all I'd say. It may seem a little unfair too. One of the contestant was a little guy, skinny and about my height whereas his opponent was a bigger guy, a gigantor. But the little guy seemed to have more experiences than the big guy and knock him to faint in the 3rd round. It was rejuvenating, you see. Now I know, it doesn't count on your size to be a winner. It kinda gimme some hope. hahahahhaa

The Fourth Fight

I don't actually paying attention to this fight. What was in my mind right then was drenching clothes, coldness and just hoping for some hot tea on a couch with sweaters covering my body. That would be heaven!
And it seemed like I was not the only one thinking of those things. As soon as the fight ended, we rushed to the car adn headed back home. It was 12++ when we reached home and everybody was sleeping.

In the end of the day, I realised. it's not the rewards that drives them into the tournament, but the passion itself. The feeling when adrenaline rushes through our body and the feelin' of being taunted. I get that now. 



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