Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meet Spiky Sue. =)

Hi everyone. Remember my post about the hedgehog? Well, night after that, Afeeq informed me that his cousin has babies to sell. His 2 moms gave birth to some pups at the same time, sort of. So, I went out with it, contacted him, and VOILA!! Got myself a baby hedgehog in one month and a half, which is by that time, perfect. I got my PTPTN loan, and it was in the holiday, so I dun't have anything to spend on.

Last weekend, I went to Gombak, bla bla bla.. Fetched Sue (this is her name. Got it from Sue Sylvester, which is also her full name) and Will and Emma (my brother's guinea pigs). But unfortunately, I've to leave Emma and Will with Naeim at Gombak because the coldblooded bus driver won't allow me to get it on the bus. He told me to leave 'em at the baggage storage, which is right under the bus, very close to the engine, therefore, very hot. I refused, so called my uncle and gave them away to Naeim. TQ Naeim n Poksu.

When meeting Sue at the first time, I was astounded. She's huge! I've done some reading before and the 2months old babies would actually be as only big as a tennis ball. After further reading, I found out it varies through breed. Some moms produce bigger hoglets than the others, especially when she's well-fed, well taken care of. No wonder the one that my mom'd held were much smaller. It was in the zoo. Not given so much attention I guess.

spiky ball

At the early time of our meeting, Sue curled up a lot. She was frightened. Maybe she wasn't use of my scents while I'm holding him. After a lot of getting together in these few days, she's now much calmer. She'd climb upon me, let me to pick her up, no more curling, and this evening, as I picked her out from the aquarium, and brushed her quills a little, she fell into sleep on my lap! She's adorable. Really is.

But, she's not used to everybody just yet. Still in progress. The person that she'd be calm about are only me and mom. She practically bit my brother's finger and hissing when it comes to other person.

her aquarium, or at least, temporary.
I'll be using the Emma's cage for her, as it is more prcatical compared to their size.

She loves to play with the ball, pushing it with her head,
And the tissue roll, she'll stuck her head inside it.
Pink carrot is natural stone, supposed to wear her teeth down, and provide her with calcium.
The wood is for her to walk around as I'm working on her wheel. 
She also likes to sleep under it, much cooler I think. 

menguap dalam rumah dia...

She also get well with her diet and environment, though she always re-arrange the decorations in the aquarium at night. That's some workmanship over there, ain't? Last night, I put a lot of food into her container and as I woke up this morning, it was half empty. That's why she poops a lot. (Yaya has ordered me a plastic bag full of her poops.)
My own.

Okay that's all everyone. I'll tell u more about Sue in the soon-becoming post ea. hehe.. =)


Naeing said...

wey..bukan aku sorg je jage..tribute to ceghah ngan aman jugak yang bersihkan taik gini piq kau yg bersepah ats lantai tu.hoho

amiey.N said...

oh my shes super cute aaron !

A@roN LoCk said...

Naeim: hehe.. yela.. TQ aman n Ceghah!!

Milin: she is!! x sabar nak cari suami dia plak.

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