Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life is A Big Fat Drama: Downer.

Have you ever felt this in your life? When you've achieved something, or do something good, and wanna talk about it (not bragging) as it makes you FEEL good, and there's this one person, one particular person who's everything came out from his mouth is nothing but to make you feel bad? And I'm not talking about trolling. I know what that's word means, and it's a joke. I can take it. And I'm sure there're people like this in your life too.

And this person, goes all the way, on and on, trying to get your spirit down, underestimating what you do, provoking you to do something about it. Well, so far, I'm holding it together. I did not, even once, broke down to my knees, cry and snap about it, though he did, several times actually, snapped on me.

Everyone else could see how stupid bitches are

Well, let's get technical. Why do you think he/she tries so hard bringing you down? What's in it for him/her?

I've consulted many friends, and researched about it. The answer is, because you're above them, they feel threatened by your existence, thus, they'll put you down just for the sake of self-satisfaction, or so he/she could be the top dog again.

In my case, admitted, he scored way better marks than me, and he's intelligence, but that's as far he could go. And he could see it I did a lot more than him. I'm not bragging okay, but I think his lack of self esteem brings it to his acts and heart. And when he saw me achieve this and that, he started acting bitchy to me, which is fine actually, as he potrayed his own deficiencies.

Also, the exception is that, when you're the scumbag yourself. That's karma we're talking about. You treat people as how you wanted to be treated, hold to that and you'll be fine.

Moreover, let's not being a self-righteous for a while. We're human. Although we try very hard not to make any mistakes and keep straight on the right path, it's humane to not. People love people, people hurt people, people try to make other people trip, and people try to lift some others. It's what people do.

My advice for those who have the same problem as me, keep it cool. I know, it's hard to handle sometimes, but remember, it's impossible to satisfy everyone with your act. There'll always be scumbags like this in life, one you have to deal with. Just do what you feel right, and let them keep the judgment to themselves. After a while, they'll know what they're doing is stupid, juvenile and vain. Then, they'll be ashamed of themselves. Before you go, this is a site that'll make you feel good, eh?

That's all. Kbye. =)


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